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The Temple of Scar Chest issue

by Orgismo

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The Temple of Scar Chest issue

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Hi so when you defeat the 1st area, you get a chest which you open up.... GREAT, now for bad news... why is there a block JUST BEFORE you can get to the chest... today a legendary dropped from a first chest... cause people are inpatient and someone ran through the area... I got a block wall,  saw the chest with YELLOW drop.... guess who couldn't pick it up... i wast allowed to progress any further... i closed Anthem... went back, completed the stronghold... DIDNT GET LEGENDARY.... This kind of * really ruins the fun experience specially when it comes to getting high end gear... SOO suggestion... either move the chest infront of the wall, or move the BLOCK wall... further in so all can pick up items?

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Re: The Temple of Scar Chest issue

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I just had the exact same thing. The advisors of ea said i should also post it here. But i feel your frustration man! It's * up, that was my 5th legendary drop after 80 hrs or more if grinding.
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Re: The Temple of Scar Chest issue

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I can't believe this, I just had the EXACT same thing happen, and also in Temple of Scar on that chest. See my post titled "What is the point of this?"

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Re: The Temple of Scar Chest issue

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That wall makes no damned sense at all (and tethering is still way too bloody aggressive in strongholds). However, when this happened to me earlier, I respawned manually and it put me right on top of the chest. Sorry it won’t help this time, but try it next time.

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Re: The Temple of Scar Chest issue

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The Temple of Scar put up a glass wall on me. What's going on. No matter how many times I start over it the same. Anybody no how to fix this?

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