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The Most Random Lego Drop & a New Idea for Marking Loot in Expeditions

by FatalPrice

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The Most Random Lego Drop & a New Idea for Marking Loot in Expeditions

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Just played the legendary story mission for the daily challenge, during the part of this mission where Dax deciphers the map for your team I wandered away out of boredom and saw some outlaws fighting a pack of wolven in the distance, but in the middle of this little excursion between the NPCs was a building. Wolven pack on one side of the building, outlaws on the other, one outlaw went behind the building by himself and the wolven pack rushed him. I couldn't see what happened so I flew closer to kill them all while waiting for Dax to finish, and I hear the sound of a lego drop. I flew behind the building and there was a lego sitting on an outlaws corpse. Just a regular outlaw like the others that randomly spawned there, not elite or anything, killed alone by some wolven, dropped a free lego, I didn't even do anything. This is because of a game mechanic I've known about since the private beta where loot can drop outside your games render distance for dropped items but if you fly into the render distance for dropped items it's like the item drops again (games way of letting you know there is loot in the area you just entered even if you can't see it yet). This is a pretty regular occurrence in Tyrant Mine when silencing the volatile relics before the second chest, it's why I always fly a short distance into the tunnels I didn't go down for fragments, if I hear an item drop sound I know there is an item somewhere in that tunnel. I have picked up many items this way, even got a couple legos doing this, but I always knew someone on my expidition team killed the scorpion that dropped the items (unless it was a worker scorpion and it just ran up to someone and self destructed without being damaged, I've seen plenty of items and at least one lego drop that way.) Still though, I have don't think I have ever seen this happen because of the random NPC fights that happen on the edge of my render distance, if I really think about it I have maybe gotten a blue or purple item this way once, but never a masterwork let alone a lego. Had I not wandered away I never would have found this lego, would have dropped anyway outside of the games range for rendering dropped items and playing the sound for the drop, I never would have or could have known.


Anyone else ever find a lego in some ridiculous or random way like this?


This made me think of a new feature they could add to the game. First they should really increase the range for rendering dropped items and playing the sound, secondly, to avoid showing the 3D item mark through walls (buggy as it is) you should get an icon with the same color as the rarity of the item dropped on your compass until the item is in LoS, this would help take out guess work of where the item is and how to reach it, and whether or not it's even worth going to pick it up.



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Re: The Most Random Lego Drop & a New Idea for Marking Loot in Expeditions

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IMO automatic pick up for legos would be the way to go.


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