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Re: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

by ikilledabug

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Re: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

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Having different RNGs don't bother me too much. The devs just need to have a sort of timetable for character progression after hitting lvl 30. And set an average dungeon clearance time for each javelin.




At around 10 hours of gameplay, a character has enough gear so that it can clear one sector of a Freeplay dungeon in GM1 in 10-13 minutes solo. (Different javelin should have different standard for clearance.)


At around 30,  5-7 minutes in GM1 solo


At around 50, 10-14 in GM2 solo


You get the idea. Just work the math.


It's difficult enough to grind for legendary items. It's ridiculous to grind for legendary items with the stats you're looking for






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Re: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

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This was a long time ago, so I don't remember if it was a myth or fact, but I seem to remember that in Diablo 3, they included a timer to your character. After a certain amount of time playing, you were guaranteed a legendary/unique/set item from the next Elite enemy you killed and then the timer would reset.

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Re: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

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Did anyone notice that if add items with luck and then remove the item after an expedition the effect seems to stay and feel glitched and stack able. since there is no stat sheet i can't tell if their trying to do a stat rebuild or simple math add subtract. leaving weird results.

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Re: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

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I have a proposal for removing luck and a bunch of other inscriptions. More info here:

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Re: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

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Considering how Díablo 3 became a successful benchmark for looter games, I don't understand why Bioware didn't copy the formula. Or even make it better with their own spin.
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Re: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

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@MisfitVillain wrote:

I believe I read Luck caps at 90%. So it'll only take 3-4 to cap.


That said, I don't try to cap Luck. I run mainly MW1 content and seem to have no problem getting Legendary loot.

Last night received three in one mission.. ironically all Black Powders (flak cannon). High five + Raised eyebrow


I'd be happy to run a couple missions with ya.

No, actually it's the other way around - luck is worthless sub 90%.

So you can be absolutely sure that anyone that runs luck will be in uncommon/epics, maybe a few MW without any kind of synergy or defenses.

I'm done pulling sub 600 leechers through gm2-3, that do nothing and get more rewards than me, despite I'm being the one that completes the run for them. This game has the most conterproductive and frustrating endgame I ever played.

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Betreff: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

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Here is my Part in German...


In short, the value: luck is a completely imbecile value.


Let's take the example: Tyrant Mine.


I've been running the ranger, Colossus and Storm on Grandmaster 1 about 50x through the mine for the past few days. I have about 75 to even 90+ luck on each of my javelins, just as the formula on the part of Bioware tells us (100 basis + 90 on equipment, see bottom of the text).


But it does not really matter how lucky you are. Either drops 2 masterpieces in a box and then nothing interesting or it drops the whole instance, except for the conclusion, only white, green and purple, even several times at a time and over several mines attempts.


Then it comes to the fact that even if you get good things dripped, you always have to look that you keep the value of fortune does 50+ to 90, with the hope that with luck better things drop. Meaning, if you're lucky for Lila things like: on the weapons / skills and you get a masterpiece or Leggy weapon / skill over, but unfortunately you have no other part with luck where you can compensate for loss of luck, you are almost forced to keep the purple part because then maybe get even worse loot.


In other words, you try all your equipment, on the value of building luck around it, although the other things would be much better, but they have no luck on it.


I think that happiness gives a wrong idea. The good loot drops way too little, no matter how much luck and if the loot is there, then mostly with the wrong / bad values ​​and unfortunately, you can not produce anything, except for the masterpiece weapons.


I think that one should remove good luck, so that one could focus on the right values ​​and not build up around the happiness value around.


But what do I know? It is my opinion...




(Google Translate is your Friend )

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Betreff: The Idiocy of Luck Stat

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Luck needs to die in a fire.


(I was gonna put it in my siggy but I guess my forum warrior skill is too weak)

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