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Re: The Good,Bad and ugly of Anthem

by Cyrus1980

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The Good,Bad and ugly of Anthem

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This was just a quick response to another post than i turned into this long explanation of anthem lol (Everything's IMO :D)


Here my issues with anthem after playing it watching it and the history of EA/Bioware lately.

PC Specs (So you know my PC isn't a main issue that cause this gamer to be annoying sometimes)

X470 Gaming Pro

Ryzen 7 2700


RTX 2070

Razer mouse/keyboard (mouse 4-10k DPI)


Flying (NOT swimming just flying)

I think flying is a needed part of this game and makes it what it is and sets it apart is flying perfect? NO, is it better then the alpha 10000000% better this brings hope for me during the alhpa i used a XB1 controller because i just couldn't fly with a mouse like 99% of the other people in the alpha, so playing it than to now is night and day i could basically fly anywhere i wanted, from tunnels to avoid mines in the stronghold, to just messing around. Now there is room for improvement in the flight i had some cases where i was flying perfectly and it would randomly stop responding and hit me into the wall making mines hit me and sometimes killing me.

Overall: The flight is fun and isn't terrible but when using a XB1 controller you can truly tell it was made for a joystick and a after thought for PC.



I have NOTHING good to say for swimming it was awful often times my teammates would die because it was hard to even get a good direction or figure out where to go. It was unresponsive horrific and just plain terrible, its def. a strong reason why this game has let me down in BIG ways flying and swimming were supposed to be a flagship i got you you can fly! but i only fell like swimming was a "Hey guys we added swimming because WTF!

Overall: swimming is complete garbage and i would love for it not to even ship with swimming being a part of the game!


The Javelins

I almost fell like this game will take the likes for warframe and diablo 3 were its who can produce the fastest DPS vs who has the best starts to win a boss fight. With the non-stop respawns being enable so you can pick up everyone when they go down all you need is a ranger with a bubble shield and you'll NEVER worry about good strategy you just need that scapegoat. All them seem to have their own "playstyle" but more in a sense of their ability they have and weapon choice, i don't feel like a colossus is the tank he should be. The interceptor is the ninja mad man i wanted him to be he was fun and most likely will be my main char at launch but the issue with his melee softlock often took my off my target onto someone esle and killed me i wish softlock was disabled and i could aim at the target myself i dont want aim/melee assist lol. The storm is what i thought a DPS long range sniper/4 round burst Assault rifle char however so i was happy with that. The ranger is what i thought a DPS/Support char more heavily geared towards support he felt fun but i dont like having 1/4 javelins being wasted as a generic class it felt lazy in general when i played him.

Overall: I fell like 1/4 javelins are where they should be that being the storm. The interceptors softlock or whatever mechanic they had with his melee kept getting me killed, the colossus was far from the tank i wanted him to be, and the ranger was SO generic i hate him 100% and will NEVER play him. 1/4 swing and a miss anthem.



What i thought was mostly truly i think gunplay will take a backseat in this game it will truly be the ability of each javelin working together to win, don't get me wrong the guns in anthem fell fine and they have there place but from watching their live stream and from playing the game i only felt the shotgun and sniper with explosive bullets (for turrets) were really needed, i felt the other ones were just there saying "try me try me TRY ME, or dont". I found it very secondary and i think it was MEANT to be secondary and i think the devs. have given the same sentiment about gunplay its there but use ability instead please.

Overall:  The gun play was fun i liked shooting and sniping and shotgunning i didn't really find a issue with the gunplay besides it played a secondary role in a "loot shooter" but i almost fell like speed up the abilities cooldowns and ill never use a gun again and don't think they would even be needed.



This is where i TRULY think anthem got things right. The one thing that was fun and my BEST experience ever was the ability in this game. Each class had its own unique and fun ability. I tried all the classes on sunday and had fun with all them (But the ranger am 100% hater on the ranger ill admit it!) They were fun and seemed to kinda put each class in there place and were the dev. wanted them storm you could tell was a long range DPS. The interceptor all i wanted to do was jump around like a ninja on crack and using thrown stars and shotguns since i was so close! The colossus i liked his moves my buddy played with him mainly but from what i saw his ability seemed to match his play style.

Overall:  I fell like anthem truly shines the brightest in the midst of combat and spamming ability to kill everything in sight! It gives enough difference between the classes to make you wanna played them all (but the ranger) and love them all for what they bring to the table!



Ill be upfront having locked loadouts when you load in is something i don't like i hate it in warframe and i HATE it here. BUT i feel like its useful so that each player preps for something they specialize in snipping turrets long range, shotgunning bosses/yellow or even reds in there face. Putting so much led into a enemy with a LMG you wonder why not everyone uses one. So i think locked loadouts have there place will this change? Maybe. The crafting station in the game was nice i used it for Blue snipers, Shotguns and assault rifles, it was nice knowing i could craft a explosive sniper rifle Rare and not spend 100 hrs trying to grind for it, i think they got crafting right in this game 100%! The components in this game truly shine all having there own little thing that make you into the mob killing, beast you are! I don’t like how gear drops and you can’t see what it is or what power it dropped at it brings a sense of happens when you know a power 19 mod dropped when your using a 17 and can use it once you finish the mission. Almost like when you go to get pizza as a kid you know its there, you know its coming and once you get it you jump with joy! (Was a weird kid maybe lol?).

Overall:  I found gear fun in this game it felt rewarding and i got enough loot at the end of a stronghold to make me feel like i did something (unlike other games sometimes)



I felt like this needed its own spot on my list why? I found them very confusing in there wording and number amounts. Some of them made sense +10% mag size, -5% shield cooldown. However some didn’t some said +10% shield cooldown normally i would say will my shield reg. 10% faster but what does the -5% shield cooldown do add cooldown time maybe. But i also found them all not to be working. I got a Assault rifle that had +5% clip size 17 power and the same one without +5% clip size and they both held the same amount of bullets, i also found WAY to many items with a +/-0% words were the inscriptions seemed to of not loaded correctly resulting in my deleting the items. Having mixed wording and including a +/- of the same wording can lead some games to be confused and having a -/+ 0% on anything shouldn’t be acceptable for how close they are to launch for this game.

Overall:  I found inscriptions to be fun and cool to read but i fear there there effects don’t work and having items were i could show myself the +5% meant nothing made me even madder. I don't like inscriptions how they are and if there not fixed i wouldn’t play anthem period.



Overall:  LOVE IT (Thats it all i can say is i love it!)


3 story missions we saw

I rather liked the mini-story mission they gave us it was fun i found myself pay attention to the cutscene/dialogues rather than skipping it like i do on 99% of games, i look forward to seeing what they come up with for storytelling

Overall:  Can’t really say from what i saw and watched i liked it


Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard and beyond!)

The way anthem does difficulty levels is like every game more enemies, more HP more damage output and better loot the higher you go. Some enemies bioware have claim do different things but nothing from what we got to play. However this is standard for loot shooters, destiny does this nightfall strikes and reg. Striker are nothing more than higher enemies. Most games take Hp/Damage and jack them up for difficulty settings and do nothing else we can judge anthem for this but i won't. I do wish these difficulty level would “power based” ONLY if you were solo queueing into a matchmaking lobby to often i got a guy in hard mode who couldn't hold his own and wasted a slot. I like anthem you can play with a level 5 at level 30 and there be just as strong as you for the most part. BUT i think this needs to only be happening in private lobbies i dont think a level 30 should be able to drag a level 5 into a lobby with him on a hard stronghold and waste a spot for other people. Grant you Grandmaster they have to be 30+ to unlock to it won't be a major issue but i think private lobbies should be the ONLY way a level 5 and 30 should be able to play together never in public matchmaking queues

Overall:  Seems standard and nothing revolutionary, it follow a generic path you get strong will just give the enemies more Hp/Damage output 99% of games do this so it is what it is! The lvl 5 and lvl 30 playing together makes me nervous and i think it will bring in alot of issues i hope its only private lobbies that this can happen in NOT public lobbies.


Strongholds (End game content?)

The one stronghold we got to play reminded me of Destiny 1 strike the devils lair, during D1 beta i played that strike non-stop and never got bored of it. The stronghold in anthem gave me the same gleeful feeling i played it 12+times completing or stopping half-way due to a troll or to many disconnects. I liked the loot boxes after every “major stage” you got 2 boxes and the end boss rewards so it was very rewarding i like it. I like that the intro started you out with some mobs to clear D1 did this in the early stages of strikes and it gives you a good representation of whether your group could do it on hard or if you wanted to run away now before you wasted 30mins with people who clearly were underpowered and you can just leave before commiting to something you can’t finish i love when games do this! Overall i liked the 4 part stronghold plan and i hope they all stay like that. 1: Intro (Can you do it?) 2: Chest 3: Chest 4: Boss, I think a 4part stronghold is better than 3 it takes a little longer and maybe people will run ever stronghold instead of just the one that can be speed run the fastest ( doubt it but i can hope!). The only issue i has this the stronghold was the boss playing up close it packed a wicked punch but long range i did little to nothing most my teams would just run and fire non-stop not fearing it due to the little to no output damage range, I played a storm about 5 times against it and just hovered the hole time i think i took damage maybe four times or less, with flying/hovering being a major part of this game EVER boss should have major abilities that will make you think twice about hovering in the air and never getting hit, i hope its just this one boss with almost 0 ground to air damage and the other ones are much more aggressive and fun!

Overall:  I found strongholds fun and i think they have a very strong leg to stand on if they are the main endgame content. I think there setup as good as destiny strikes and should be fun countless times over and over again. My only hope is they bring in a weekly stronghold with special “buffs/debuffs” kinda like destiny nightfall strikes with epic rewards to make you strive for something each week!


Match making/Servers/Connection

Lets be honest it was rough but these things are fixable (Rainbow6 is a prime example of that!). The matchmaking was much better now than alpha i got matched easily and within 10-20seconds. The infinite load screen got on my nerve but i could re-log and go back to playing with my buddys so it was a huge issue for me. The connection itself when i was loaded in wthi people was great i only had 1 major lag spike that made it so we couldn't play and had to restart.

Overall:  I EXPECT server issues in alpha, Beta, demo and 2-3months after launch. I can't mark down anthem for this when 99% of other games have this SAME issue and for it being there first major shared world, MMO, always online  (wtf you wanna call it) they did alot better than i thought. Many games take 3-4months before server issues are fixed and even then there are issues RS6 canceled a hole DLC drop to fix there servers.


PC performance issues

Overall i don’t think this game stood up to the standard i wanted it to for overall performance with using a RTX 2070 being 10-15% better than the recommend RTX 2060 i was hoping that 2560x1440 would run at 60+fps on ultra better than it did. Running 2560x1440 at Ultra settings i was around 45-60 FPS fair lower than i was hoping it would be. Running on High settings it would float around 55-85 a bigger gap than i was expecting. I am not the only one a little disappointed in this PCgamer did a article about this and also express there sadness in this category as will. Now speaking that i do have a RTX 2070 that supports DLSS tech am hoping it gives anthem that boost like it does to Final fantasy and the game will run much better and more smooth than it currently is given that they said “shortly after launch” this could be 1-5months later which is very disappointing. Especially since the RTX 2060 comes with anthem and it wont even use DLSS tech. Until after release i wasn’t very happy. My friends RX 580 ran on high settings without a issue at 1080P so am glad to see a mid-range card like the RX580 can still produce some stellar quality (compared to the consoles 30FPS lock lol!)

Overall:  The game is still playable at 2560x1440 on High settings without a issue but i was hoping it would be a little more FPS than it was motion blurring didn't seem to be a issue with me either maybe am just used to. DLSS is coming and am hoping it will bring the boost that i wanted to see using a RTX 2070 in the first place!


PC was late to anthems party

Everything you’ve seen of anthem has been on a console from early E3 footage to every live broadcast but the most recent ones. I can’t help but wonder if the PC was a late thought from EA & Bioware to try and capture a bigger market after the Mass effect disaster that not only coasted EA alot of money but almost completely wiped Bioware a beloved studio of millions off the map . The keys they mapped out to be used for abilities, hovering etc don't make sense to me at all i remapped almost every main key they did it felt akward and werid. The mouse wheel to switch weapons didn't always work it worked 50% of the time other times it refused to switch weapons. The most easily way to tell is the flying/swimming controls in this game seem flawless on the XB1 controller but clunky and rushed on the Mouse still usable at least for the most part in flight but almost unusable in swimming.


EA and Bioware (Were true skepticism lays in wait)

With biowares last title mass effect andromeda that was launched in March 2017 and support ended in August 2017 it brings to question weather EA will stand behind a game like Anthem being it a new IP the studios first step into this space will it be supported for years to come like they say or will bad sales or bad first impressions make EA cancel support and run away? The biggest issue for this game seems to be the Studios once a great icon Bioware turned a basically disgraced studio by many fans (myself included).

Overall: EA as a publisher overall scares me for any game they are a very cash hungry company and Mass Effect andromeda was a prime example of this. Bioware after there Mass Effect stunt makes me a little leary on buying another one of there game.


No season pass buy the game your good for life?

If this business model makes you wonder the longevity of this game it should. EA is know to be a cash cow from microtransactions to P2W elements etc. Season passes IMO are something i like and i think many people don’t mind as long as there reasonable priced. For example Rainbow6 has season pass and cosmetics microtransactions (micros for short) but unlike destiny you get access to the content (1 map 2 operators), 1 week early it only splits the community for 1 weeks and then its free and we all get to hold hands and shoot each other again, i like this model it gives players the chance to support a game they love (Season pass holder for R6 since day1!) and get the content a little early to have some fun and getting something out of it! They also have micro cosmetics like Anthem is doing it brings in extra cash flow from those people who only play that 1 javelin and wanna spend money just to look cool in him. This helps after the season pass cash cow has dried up but still gives money to help make it through the year. Taking away a season pass all together and only relying on Cosmetic items seems dangerous even Fornite and rocket league have added “season passses” in there own format but kept cosmetics and stuff as microtransactions as will to get a better cash flow. This will be a major if anthem can pull this off keep a gaming running for years just by cosmetic microtransactions i don’t see it happening fortnite and rocket league IMO are prime examples of season passes being needed to generate even better income and possible only way to keep a positive cash flow into the 2 games and think season passes will come out a few months after launch or every 2 years a Anthem 2,3,4 will pop-up for 60$ once the cash has ran out.

Overall: No season pass years of support and only cosmetic microtransactions i for one don’t see it happening and expect a change in tune once EA investors get on the phone myself. I don’t mind season passes and i dont think many games do as longer as there a good price and only split a cmountiny for 1-2weeks max.

Overall: The quick summary

I think anthem overall has a leg to stand on it takes elements out of all my favorite games destiny, Daiblo 3, warframe and it takes some of the best chunks of those games truly trying to listen to the gaming community as a entire group. The game is fun do i see it being completely free after you just pay 60$ in a year or 2 no not a chance, but it seems like the developers have a sturdy ground to stand on and overall think this game could be one of the best games of 2019. EA and Bioware have gotten a bad rep. Over the last few years, and Anthem may suffer the same fate but i hope it doesn't because i think in 5-6 after release this game will live up to its hype! Is this game worth 60$? Am not sure i am sure ill be paying 15$ origin premier access to try it out instead!

Spelling isn't the best or grammar but just thought i would post it (Was going to delete it but i thought wtf not)

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Re: The Good,Bad and ugly of Anthem

★★★★ Novice

thank for the review, i read it all Standard smile

But i dissent with the colossus issue. I played it for all 3 day and it is really a great and big/bad tank. Whit the passive ability to create life triagle (the red one), the combo status chain and the shield, i was always in the mist of combat whit my comrade in support for kill or elemental status.

The colossus feels like a great tank but u need to do a good setting on the armor and have a good team play.

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