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The “Carry Me” Club

by Valiantsword

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Re: The “Carry Me” Club

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So you intervened and ensured the family was safe. Didn't realize. How noble of you. Also the chance that I would have died muting a user is slim to none. But as a mature gamer perhaps it would be more difficult, no idea.


I would not have intervened in his personal affairs, and I don't see how listening in would help with my concern for the family. But that's just me.


As for the rest of your statement I really don't understand what you are getting at, but sounds like rambling. So i wont attempt to respond.

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Re: The “Carry Me” Club

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What we have here is the entitled's. I love the challenge and farm, the repetition/grind. It teaches patience, it creates strong character and shows that you can handle not being rewarded for everything you do. Those who want to sit around while they are carried on the backs of others are those who don't have character or patience because past games have showed us that we don't need to be patient. We just have to rely on others to do the work for us or to be handed everything for so little. We lose the value if we are handed something without the hard work. Now with the mindset created by poor games have created this poor mindset in a lot of individuals who choose to take short cuts or let others do the heavy lifting for them. It's sad to see those entitled people sitting back on the sidelines for the loot to drop so they can run out grab it, get downed and cry about being rez'd. smh

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