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The “Carry Me” Club

by Valiantsword

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The “Carry Me” Club

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 So today I was doin my GM3 contracts first one was no problem then came the second one. I’m a 718 power score I have zero problem holding my own in GM3 recently did Tyrants Mine even but my second GM3 contract today felt WRONG! I was literally doin all the work, I mean it appeared as those 3 other people with me were dirt magnets. Every time I turned around they were dead or standing still. Something was amiss! So I opened up the social panel and as I suspected the strain on my back was this load of power level 500 players I was dragging through GM3. I was left with a deliema, do I re-que and hope I get a new crew more suited to this or press on and complete this. Well I cleared it , ICLEARED it! Solo GM3 contract didn’t even get anything worth my extra time. GM3 needs a power threshold to enter and play , YouTube players are promoting this behavior and it’s mans very essence to take the path of least resistance. Who suffers for it , I do. Make people earn the right to play at higher difficulty instead of them riding the coattails of people who put in the time. Kick people from a instance if they are doing nothing. Add a report feature. Nobody wants to work to be good at games anymore it’s sad. I’m not runnin a noob gearing service here, or maybe I should?

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Re: The “Carry Me” Club

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yea because there is no power requirement. Just a lvl requirement its stupid.
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Re: The “Carry Me” Club

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ad part is even with a "power" requirement, you'll still be carrying people at times cause I have multiple legendary's I 'could" equip but with my * rolls. my masterworks bonuses make using them a lot more effective than a bunch of higher level legendary's..


I agree there does need to be a system of some sort and not just in GM3. 

I have had the same issues in GM2 & GM1 wether its just horrible players/afker's wearing or people who seem like they are naked they are dead so often.

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Re: The “Carry Me” Club

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Yeah I have done this before I'm not sure why people want to do this. I mean I'll admit the first time I played GM3 I needed some time to get used to it plus I play mutliple javelins so some times I need time to get in a groove. But man yeah I've had to do this a couple times now where I was basically carrying the whole team on my back. Sometimes they just aren't playing well sometimes its they have low power level. I think I repaired everyone like 8 times each. I guess harder power level caps are needed. I guess they trying to farm masterworks good luck dude even with all masterworks its very hard to beat Gm3. Its possible they are trying the legendary weapon low power level trick but again I find that dumb and unnecessary.

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Re: The “Carry Me” Clubb

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Nah they weren’t doin the low power trick cuz when I did see em fire at the enemy they weren’t doin jack. Also I don’t use cheats like that it’s beneath me , I enjoy challenge but not slavery lol.

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Re: The “Carry Me” Clubb

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Just report them for trying to sell you drugs and actively trying to touch your peepee

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Re: The “Carry Me” Clubb

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Yeah not saying you were doing it. I just seen it happen where they can kill enemies fast but when they get hit their javelins are made of glass. But yeah don't see the bother a properly build javelin can work but no teammate help on gm3 uggh that sucks.

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Re: The “Carry Me” Club

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I had to do this in tyrant mine grandmaster 2 on my storm the other day. Mind you, I'm a style is staying back, priming targets, detonating to get combos and locking things down for my team.

So when the colossus hides behind me, there is a major issue. People were flying right smack in the middle of turret one but me was destroying the turrets. The biggest offenses were when we did the bridge and only the interceptor was trying to kill the things i froze. The colossus was....hiding behind me again....literally, they didn't aoe at all. I don't even remember the other class. When a few enemies trinkled behind my lockdown, no one focus fired it....I normally trust my team to destroy anything that manages to get past me, and i lock everything else down with winters wrath and combo with ten thousand suns. (I know it's not the most damaging but it works for me and allows me to lock down my ten thousand suns has a nice roll on it.) We got past it though....and for the boss.... I'm the only one attacking it...and when the boss did climb up....Not a single solitary person except me tried to kill the large scorpion spawn....then....something wondrous happened...

For the first time....

I was glad my game froze and kicked me to the start menu...and i promptly refused to rejoin the session.

Bit of a rant....but yeah. Carrying others unwillingly is no fun. I've been full masterwork for a while now....and not a single legendary dropped for me that run....
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Re: The “Carry Me” Club

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Unfortunately, for the most part, gone are the days when a player didn't join a group activity unless they believed they could contribute and carry their weight through instances. Now there seems to be sections of the playerbase in any game that will expect to be carried and as some posters have said, its even encouraged by some streamers etc as the quickest way to get to the end game or highest PL in Anthems case. Personally I will not power level anyone because in my personal experience power levelled players tend to be bad at playing their toon, I have no doubt there would be exceptions, its just based on my personal experience.


I remember in one game rolling another toon and after getting to cap I was asked to come raiding, I declined as I wouldn't feel comfortable being carried or just filling the numbers requirement for the group to enter the raid, but that's just me. I suggested they were better off getting a geared PUG rather than me at that time until I could contribute satisfactorily.


Kudos to the OP for clearing the GM3 contract with little to no help from the group, but I agree with them, they shouldn't have to carry others, to such a degree anyway, in a group instance. There is a ignore function you can access via the social screen but it would be good to have a "recent players" section somewhere so that you could do it afterwards as sometimes stopping isn't an option. if placed on your ignore list you will not be matchmade with them again.


As to the Level/PL requirements to enter an instance, its a tricky one that while it seems easy to resolve by gating the difficulty levels, it can have some adverse effects. Hopefully they will come up with a solution that's suits the majority.

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Re: The “Carry Me” Club

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Pretty silly for power level 500s to be messing around in GM3.  I've got some 676-690 javelins and I still don't even think about GM3.  GM2 is definitely doable, but still feels like more work than is warranted for the payout.  


If streamers are telling players to do GM3 as best way to get geared, they are a big part of the problem.  Too many lemmings will follow them off a cliff. 


I hate it when I'm in a mission and I'm dying too much, it is not fun.  Fortunately, I haven't put myself in that position except for once with a group of friends who actually wanted to pull me along for a GM1 run when I was just a few points under the suggested 400 power level (the suggested number at the time, before the stat increase patch).   They had to talk me into it. 


Also irritating is when I'm rezzing the same guy every minute or so (at least they can get themselves back up in 10-30 seconds now). 


Absolutely a power level requirement is needed.  The question, though, is what the power levels should be.  I don't think the current recommended power levels are accurate-- they should be increased, at least for GM2 and GM3, but by how much I can't say yet.  Although, I'd go out on a limb and say GM3 should be at least power level 700. 

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