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Re: The Best Things in Apex Legends are...

by MandatoryIDtag

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The Best Things in Apex Legends are...

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Hey guys!


I've got 4 questions to ask you all:


  • What are your favorite weapon skins in Apex Legends? What do you like about them?
  • Where do think the best drop locations are on the new King's Canyon?
  • Which iron sights, in your experience, make hitting your shots the easiest?
  • And last but not least... who do you think has had the best match with regard to kills in Apex Legends?



Apex Legends Best Weapon Skins For Every Weapon (available now)


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Tools for the job


Ever wonder what the best weapon skin for every weapon in Apex Legends is? There are a TON of options and it can be really hard to pick out the best ones.

And then you have to figure out HOW and WHERE to find them...

Guess what! The job is done already!

All you have to do is check out the Apex Legends Best Skins For Every Weapon.




Apex Legends Best Iron Sights for Each Weapon


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Smartypants leads the charge!


So you've heard about the 'pay 2 win' skins in Apex Legends. And you're wondering...

What are the bests iron sights for each weapon in Apex Legends really?


Do the pay2wins really make that much of a difference? Now, you could test it yourself and BUY all the 'pay 2 win' skins and test each of them for yourself.

Which, knowing your aim, might not be the most accurate of tests!

OR you could simply check out the Apex Legends Best Iron Sights For Every Weapon right here!



Apex Legends Best Drop Locations For Each Map (Season 5)


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Where to go...?


The new King's Canyon just dropped about 2 weeks ago.

So guess what, people have had a bit of time to figure where the best spots are to drop to achieve their desired aim in the game. But what if you haven't?

What if you want to know WHERE ON EARTH you should land?

Well then look no further and check out the Apex Legends Best Drop Locations For Each Map (Season 5)



Apex Legends Best Kills Ever


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Wanna win?


Remember watching Dizzy melt 33 players with a Wingman in Apex Legends? You don't?!

Well, wouldn't it be great if you knew exactly who holds the best killstreaks in Apex Legends right now?


Imagine if you could watch how they play... after all, watching the pro's in their best moments is bound to help you play better, right?

Well guess what! You can check out the Best Kills Ever in Apex Legends right here!





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Re: The Best Things in Apex Legends are...

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Best guns as far as iron sights easily are the most expensive ones, like merciless wing wingman skin up close is literally pay to win and I. Find it it to work better than with a 1x classic hcog up close, if I get a wing off drop I know I’m downing at least somebody before I get ran over by 3rd parties. Best place to drop imo is hydro dam, I get gold shields there pretty often and typically there’s always a wingman and a 9

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Re: The Best Things in Apex Legends are...


@50alchemy  hmmm...


The blue beast(RE-45)

Last seasons flatline skins.

H'ween event mastiff skin.

Lawbringer for the pk (I think it's called that? The sheriff style one)


Best drop location in my humble opinion is capacitor, good loot quality, ample supply of charge towers good rotation possibilities and usually a few skin suits to pop.


For me i like the prowlers irons, quite like the longbows too. They're both pretty clean and easy to use.


Not really sure about the last question? Do you mean pro players/streamers? If so i don't watch them really lol.

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