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Re: That cape and spin...


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That cape and spin...

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That flying spin and cape, it's like they treated the Storm with some flair to make sure the healer was played Wink


Any other Storm mains at launch?

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Re: That cape and spin...

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Storm Main here 15th cannot come sooner 

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Re: That cape and spin...

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storm main on PC

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Re: That cape and spin...

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I haven't fully decided on main yet but had a lot of fun the missions I ran with the storm.  Then again, you get the right combo team set up and the storm is unbelievably devastating. 

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Re: That cape and spin...

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It's all about the pretty capes... and elemental power.


Credit for the awesome gif goes to MuHut on DeviantArt.



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Re: That cape and spin...

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The Storm cape is definitely better than the woeful Warlock bond.... Standard smile

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Re: That cape and spin...

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I also chose to main Storm. I went from level 1 to 19 in the first weekend since it's launch on the 22nd. I am in love with it, I only hope the DEVs add more gear option for lightning builds as Fire and Frost are more effective than the lacking lightning gear. Also I would love it if they add Wind and Earth elemental gear options in future patches. How badass would it be to summon a tornado to devastate a mob or a barrage of wind sickles that prime a target with a bleeding affect dealing DOT for a short duration or something like that. And then have a focus gear that erupts the ground under enemies and then a Blast gear that drops a large boulder on a mob dealing bonus damage to enemies sent flying by the eruption or by the tornado gear.

Please keep this idea going on other sites too so it will increase the chance the EA DEVs will put it into effect.

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Re: That cape and spin...

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I'm a 490 MW Storm


Takes some good rolls on items to make an interesting Lightning build. I have a legendary Seal of the Open Mind with +200% charges. So I can bounce 3 balls of lightning around to prime targets and then Ponder Infinity them. It's fun. Especially getting targets hidden behind walls. And I have a lot of recharge to spam them pretty much.

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