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Thanks for ruining Chomper!

by tristkiss

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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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I was initially of the same opinion, since Chomper was my favourite character in GW2, and my initial impression was that the character had been nerfed in BFN.


However I have come to appreciate that the changes are not all bad. The Grody Goop is actually quite cool because it can immobilise multiple zombies by slowing them down and stopping them from using abilities. It also does a good chunk of damage, softening your target up for a melee attack. I find its animation too subtle however. In GW1 & 2 it was very obvious when you had gooped a zombie.


I didn't participate in the wider community for GW1 or 2, but I gather that a lot of players were fed up with the Chomper being used for suicide missions: burrowing or back chomping when surrounded by zombies, then inevitably being killed whilst digesting. I don't think suicide chomping is inherently bad (it scatters the zombies while they hop around trying to avoid being chomped, and can create a gap in their defensive line), but I can see how it might diminish the enjoyment of other players, in addition to being a tactic that on the whole is not beneficial for the team.

It seems like the changes to the Chomper were an attempt to force players to adopt a less suicidal playing style, and be a team player rather than a kamikaze assassin.

Initially I missed the back chomp, but I'll tell you what I don't miss: trying to do a bite attack and accidentally back chomping your target, essentially committing suicide!

Although I don't use Chomper's ranged weapon (Slobber Shot) very often, it gives the Chomper a means of fighting back against zombies who jump to high ground to avoid being chomped. It also means that the Chomper can participate in boss battle that require a ranged attack, such as shooting the drill in Goopy Gully. In GW1 & 2 it was pretty much mandatory to switch to a ranged a character to participate fully in the end stage of certain maps.

Re: the screen darkening when you take damage. This may be because the character who attacked you has an upgrade that impairs the vision of plants they damage (I forget the name of the upgrade)?

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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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Re: the screen darkening when you take damage. This may be because the character who attacked you has an upgrade that impairs the vision of plants they damage (I forget the name of the upgrade)?

All-Star's "Applying Pressure: Near misses with Football Cannon reduce enemy vision.".

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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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On that screen dampening. I've had that even when in PvE at times. It does look like it's applying the effect of that upgrade, even when it doesn't apply at times.

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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!


I can live with almost all the changes to all characters but making Chomper become a Shooter is odd to me.  


I can adjust to his new playstyle but it’s just not the same to me; it’s not fun.  I see less people playing him now than either GW1 or GW2.   Sad. 

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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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@spIash_damage You def. don't get the satisfaction GW2 delivers when playing him. I loved waiting for some poor soul to hit a corner I was hiding behind then snare him with a weed. Then commence to chomping as I laugh to myself.."You just got chomped, chump!" Or sneaking up behind someone, then goop them. They don't know where it came from, but they know what's about to happen, and nothing they can do about it! Even on occasion, being able to goop 2 at once. Then putting a weed down to keep one of them in place while you chomp the other. This usually leads to your demise by the now freed first zombie. But not always. I've on occasion taken them both out. Then just happily trot off to see who my next victim will be! *insert evil grin here*
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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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@tristkiss You're making me want to play a game of GW2! I loved circling a gooped zombie for the back chomp while they tried in vain to turn fast enough to target me. I also miss the rivalry between the Chomper and its natural enemy, the Engineer. I know that the Engineer's bullhorn still brings the chomper our of its burrow, but he doesn't feel like a nemesis anymore. I'm glad that Super Brainz can't high jump anymore, though. He was damn near impossible to chomp from underneath.
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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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@jnicol1975 LOL! I actually did go and play GW2! Hotrod Chomper FTW, baby! And we DID win. I even burrow-chomped a Superbrainz who tried to get away! I dedicate that one to you! Wink
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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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I should add one thing Neighborville has fixed, and that is no longer getting blocked-in by your team mates. Countless times in GW have I been losing in a fire fight and needed to take cover, but couldn't because my own team mate was in my way, seemingly oblivious to my imminent demise, and refused to budge. But now that you phase right through, that no longer happens. Which is good, but now you can't hop on top of each other. Which I kinda miss, but is a fair trade off for not dying!

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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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I think chomper is in a weird position, like imp. Imp’s weird position is his mech, as oak and space station exists now. There wasn’t a glass cannon in GW2, and chopper mostly took the assassin class. Imp was the glass cannon. There wasn’t exactly an assassin class in GW2 for zombies besides maybe the small size of imp or scientist.


Now imp isn’t the only one with something like a mech, and he doesn’t have much escape abilities now compared to nightcap as a glass cannon. Nightcap is also an assassin, making chomper less assassin compared to nightcap and maybe more melee. Chomper traps like a hunter class, he eats like an assassin, and goops like a team player. He was an assassin, but now like a team player and melee character. He’s unique, but his play style has changed radically.


His chomper burrow noise makes him less assassin as you can hear him coming and can jump radically. Run, jump, fly, plus lag, I would say his burrow might be an escape now, or to get distracted zombies who’s fighting another plant. Nightcap dominates as assassin class and chomper is supposed to be more like super brainz.


He’s less of an assassin, but still has spikeweed, which if not for chomping from behind, it’s more like a trap like a hunter class. Great for defending, but I’ll rather place where I want my spikeweed goes, instead of it jumping into a place you don’t want it to go. Not good for offensively attacking.


His goop can help with offensively attacking, and it might help with his more melee character, but a lot of people emphasize this ability for team play. Yea that could work, but it’s still strange for a character like chomper to be a defensive hunter class that could 1v1 an attacking character, but he’s also a team player.


chomper is in a unique position.

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Re: Thanks for ruining Chomper!

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Hi @spIash_damage, sure thing. Standard smile I've passed this thread on.

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