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Tech support says post my issue in here. Lmao.

by Jonzen420

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Tech support says post my issue in here. Lmao.

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You guys keep updating challenges which is fine. But last night I had 3 of 5 completed for the weekly challenge. Then this morning I see they have changed. I only have 1 completed. Now instead of 16 rebounds in h2h you want 48. 2 I had completed are different challenges now so of course they are incomplete. But the time didn't reset like it was a new week. You guys do this * all the time and it's getting old real fast. I'm going to uninstall this if it persists. You want to keep adding stuff, try players, or the ability to aquire different set pieces. Even throwing real money at this game can't get you decent players or pieces unless you spend $50 or $100 to get 1 good player as a kicker for sure. The rest will be garbage. Actually, probably getting rid of this game because of that alone.
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