Tanks need a buff

by Sohsuh

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Tanks need a buff

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They get wrecked way too easily.


One big problem is they lose 1 v 1's to a Wildcat, which doesn't make sense to me.


A tank should be able to destroy a Wildcat no problem.  This is just backwards to me.

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Re: Tanks need a buff

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@SohsuhI've put in a lot of time so far into tanks and quite frankly it's a bit of a disaster just how bad the experience can be.

I mean they are ok if you want to just have a quick blast around the map for a minute before inevitably being blown up but if you want to play tactical it's a real chore constantly being beaten back by one or two infantry guys with M5 laser rockets or a succession of Sundance homing attacks.


You can't really stay and fight because the splash damage is virtually non existant and with the horrible cannon lag, fast precision aiming is almost impossible to score a direct hit on a moving target.

The chemical smoke lives up to its description of 'sometimes' protecting you against homing missiles but even if it does the next second you are locked on to again and then hit soon after unless you've managed to find something to hide behind which is easier said than done with the broken reverse operation.

My theory is that they know it's broken which is why they decided to alter the description so when the missile hits you through the smoke they can claim we never said it will work all the time!

In 2042 tanks are desperate for BF4's APS.

But if Dice won't give us APS then a least give us a little more splash damage than we currently have with the main shell.

If we switch to the Heat round we get more splash damage but get annihilated by other tanks using the main shell.


And let's not forget the tank cannon which jerks up when you are trying to aim while your cannon is too close to an object. Never had that issue in a BF game before so I'm a bit mystified why it's broken in 2042.

And to OP, yes it does appear the Wildcat is stronger in a 1 vs 1 with a tank.

I seem to remember either bf3 or bf4 started out like this and they changed it during a balance pass.

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Re: Tanks need a buff

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@Tank2042Man Yes tanks are just extremely underpowered.

You can't get near anything at all without INCOMING MISSILE every 2 seconds. It's miserable.

Tanks used to be something people feared and now they are just a free kill to everyone.

They need a buff and they should definitely beat a Wildcat pretty easily. The wildcat should only take 2 tank hits to kill, especially when you hit it's side/back.
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Re: Tanks need a buff

Problem is, the amount of people who can kill a tank has increased dramatically, while the number of damage tanks take per hit didn't change. You have everyone running around with a rocket launcher and shooting tanks non stop. Tanks need more HP or M5 should be a specialist only gadget.

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Re: Tanks need a buff

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Agree with everything here.  They don’t feel like a tank at all, just feels like I’m in a slow transport vehicle with a week cannon.  They def need a main shell damage buff or an armor buff, maybe even both! And they secondary machine guns are awful too…

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Re: Tanks need a buff

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@JIHADxJEEPER Yes those machine guns just get hit markers. It takes more shots from a tank's machine gun than a secondary pistol.
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Re: Tanks need a buff

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@Sohsuh And by the time you've lined up the cross-hairs with the woeful aiming sensitivity the infantry player just moves an inch sideways and all your bullets miss anyway.
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Re: Tanks need a buff

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the Tanks in it self are pretty much fine I guess, except for the main Gun and it's underwhelming splash damage.


It's the Design choice of everyone being able to carry a Rocket Launcher or C5 with them. The shier amount of players constantly firing at you ist the real problem. Getting C5ed from a Sundance that flies from across the map at you is really frustrating. You are forced to stay in the back of the map because if u want to help your team capture a point you will get destroyed in seconds. 

Not to mention the potential of EMP spam. I had a match where a enemy Casper Drone was constantly EMPing me and I couldn't do anithing about it because a) your Guns are disabled and b) that thing is so fast and small you can't hit it.


They really have to do something about it 

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Re: Tanks need a buff

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@Tank2042Man The bolte 30mm cannon does more damage towards infantry than a tank. If you don't go directly into a mob of enemies you have better survivability also. Keep on the move and stick to the outside perimeter. I don't find the tank useful unless you're on top of a building objective on breakthrough, then tanks are super OP. But tanks shouldn't be on top of skyscrapers.
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Re: Tanks need a buff

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@theBus2142 Yes some good points here.

Hopefully they look into it when they start doing more balancing.
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