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Taking double damage

by 1ronKeys

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Taking double damage

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Experienced this issue before, and alas, it strikes again!


Sometimes you play this game and seem to take double damage, and downed within 2 shots when you have full health and purple armour. 


Was having an alright connection tonight too.





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Re: Taking double damage

@1ronKeys it's lag.. I have it happen from time to time, it's just lag between you and the server.

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Re: Taking double damage

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Uh .. last night it was a 2 v 2 us v Them.


I was looking forwards to a fierce battle when a Rev popped up, hit me once and I was dead (red shield). I looked at the report and it claimed TWO players had both hit me multiple times. Did not happen.

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Re: Taking double damage


@1ronKeys  Yup, basically what darth said.


Whenever you shoot somebody and they just don't fire back until the last second despite looking straight at you, thats usually a clear indicator they're lagging.

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