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TTK Suggestion

by HyenaRaider

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TTK Suggestion

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I want to say that I enjoy Battlefield V but however it is just very hard to do with game-play stuttering leading to getting killed, and the Time to Kill Time which actually was resolved but apparently fell out of balance again due to DICE clearly not knowing the meaning of consumer satisfaction or listening to their fan-base 

Some players have reported that there is nothing wrong with the TTK, if it is not the TTK it is the unbalanced guns. and most likely both

I understand some people will blindly rush in to support their favorite game, but I  would like for them to really think about it and develop their own opinion


Mine is that it would be more fun to play if it was a bit more fair to play. I mean Modern Warfare is better in 2020 and BFV is lagging behind with progress and content

Sure MW has some TTK issues too but not nearly as bad as BFV 



I would like anyone responding to respect my opinion on the matter and not turn the thread into toxicity

I just ask DICE to not keep messing with the TTK as they do.

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Re: TTK Suggestion

@HyenaRaider This is a technical self help site, if you wish to discuss game features such as the TTK please create a post here on the official Battlefield forums:
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