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Suggestions for NEW content to add to Anthem (also this that NEED to be added).

by NordicButNice

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Suggestions for NEW content to add to Anthem (also this that NEED to be added).

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Firstly I try really hard to keep playing this game, but the sheer lack of content is astounding. The fact that developers and publishers are letting games come out in a MVP state (Minimum Viable Product) with barely any features is why game and devs get shutdown. This does need fixing, but on top of that - I have a great many Ideas for NEW content, that the devs may not have thought of, but here goes...

1. Animated Striders like in the E3 2017 "ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE" demo..
They need to add this as if they don't, than that is actually false advertising... I can think of a few ways to implement this, like having really long mobile world events "Strider escorts" from Fort Tarsis through several map pathways to points far out on the freeplay map and vice versa... And have the "strider defence" world events changed to have the striders walking around the area, getting attacked and firing back at enemies.

2. More armour cosmetics, More paint textures and no cancerous "featured" store front. Give us a big selection to choose from, like in an actual irl shop. Where are all the armour sets Bioware showed us in the dev customisation livestreams?? why TF are you trickling 2 armour sets at us at a time?? Do you NOT PLAN on making more?? For a live service, you should have 2 - 3 armour and weapon designers who's job it is to make more NEW customisation skins for the game, releasing at LEAST once a month. Give me some barbarian looking Colossus armour with fur pelts and wolf skulls and I'll gladly throw you $10. Give me a Storm helmet with a Pointy wizard hat on top and a chest piece with scrolls/books in the belt loops and I'd throw you another $10.... Hell I'd throw $10 at the game to get an "etched Runes" texture to put on my THICCBOI.... seriously guys GO NUTS and let us customise our looks more... I'm sure the writers could give us lore to support such fashionable Javelins - other than that crige AF "bring the thunder" guy who has nothing to sell.. LMAO.

3. Employ someone who will make different looking guns. The anthem weapons aesthetic is great, so still within the artstyle, but seriously - you gotta get a bit more creative in there. considering we use collected minerals and bio matter, maybe some plant or crystal parts showing on guns? Hell add some Creature farming to Anthem and add skulls, pelts etc, to the already cool aesthetics..??

4. Gun painter (colour customisation) in Forge. Just like armour. Enough said.

5. New biomes to the free play map - These maybe coming in expansions or events, but I'm dying to fly round some snowy tundra and mountains with pine forests and glaciers. Please don't just add deserts though, deserts are the laziest game biomes to make and are in EVERY GAME. Maybe some more Lava/hellscape like in the Heart of Rage? You already have the assets...

6. Get rid of the loading screens. have Fort Tarsis, ALL strongholds and ALL dungeons in the same instance, in 3rd person. And PLEASE have a suit up/suit down station the the gate of Fort Tarsis, again, Just like in the E3 2017 "actual gameplay footage" demo.... Division 2 can do the open world thing, and it has much more ground clutter and textures on screen at once. AT LEAST just give us seamless dungeons...

 7. Full stats screen. (I know this is supposed to be coming but I can't reiterate this enough).

1. Make melee abilities "GEAR" and add the different items to the loot tables.

2. have melee gear with different elemental damages. Like a ranger can have not only a shock mace, but a flame, acid, frost mace. A colossus slam can be Lightning, frost, acid or flame. Same with storm or interceptor. You don't need to change the animations or how they function in combat, just need new/reused FX and the appropriate primer/detonate/status effects.

3. Melee "WEAPONS" - yes, as like with Destiny's swords. Use melee weapons instead of a gun. BUT have them class specific. How about a Colossus with a 2 handed Frost Battle Axe?? Or 2 handed Thunder Hammer like in W40K?? How about a Ranger with a Broadsword or Flail?? An Interceptor with a frost Bo Staff or flaming Katana?? A Storm with a lightning Spear or a flame Wizard's Staff??? have different elemental damage for each though, like choose between a Thunder hammer, Flaming hammer, or frost hammer, etc...? Only would new different FX and damage numbers really... Maybe have damage reduction inscriptions when wielded?? make the Viable to use over a gun then...

4. Make those new melee weapons have ranged AND melee capabilities. This Storm staff, for an example - If you aim down sights it could fire lightning, fireballs, icicles, etc like the staff weapons from Stargate SG1, or the game "Enslaved: Odyssey to the West." but if you are pulling the trigger without aiming down sights, then you are doing melee attack chains.. You could combo this with your current melee abilities Anthem already has to change the animations and attack chains....

5. Javelin Dodges and Colossus Shield as GEAR. Literally having stats rols on these would be amazing and legendary perks like - "Colossus shield takes no damage while flying/sprinting", or "Interceptor dodge  grants 3 seconds of x% resistance to x Element", or literally any other awesome stats you can think up.. None of these would break the balance, and wouldn't interupt gameplay mechanics already present... These are all straight off top of my head as I type this...

6. ALL Javelin Ultimates as GEAR. different rarities and random rolls, same as your Q and E on PC... Enough said.

7. All javelins with different equippable Ultimate variations.
All are relatively Balanced, EXAMPLES;
- Colossus siege cannon type 2 that fires plasma artillery. New FX and chain lightning upon detonation.
- Colossus siege cannon change to a super heavy auto cannon, that lasts only as long as the interceptor Melee ultimate, but fires explosive rounds like the Devastator Sniper Rifle at 1000RPM, from the duration. (less AOE burst damage and more tactical use of an ultimate).
- Storm Ultimate variation as a cast "Vortex Spell" - either that you drag across an area or summon it as a mini, roaming cataclysm, as it goes off and chases large groups of enemies for lots of DOT damage. (think Vortex Spell in Total War: Warhammer 2). seen as though dominion Storms are called "valkyries" you could have a Fire version called "Ragnarok" and a frost version called "Fimblewinter"... Don't know what I'd call a Lightning version.. Hell give them an Acid one for the giggles man...
- Ranged Interceptor ultimate option. You could go the same as every other game and give your "rouge type" class a bow, but how about a fire/frost/lightning/acid minefield? or limpet launcher? or spitter/sprayer?? or even some kind of single target burst damage like a railgun ultimate??
- Some kind of different DPS ultimate for the Ranger like a shoulder mounted minigun that auto tracks targets? or a few shots shoulder mounted "railgun revolver cannon" - given that the RANGER Excels at single target DPS... 

8. Maybe a specific class of weapon unique to each Javelin, like how only the Colossus can use Autocannons and Grenade launchers.. (pretty much covered this with the melle weapons option above though - but I'm sure Bioware could come up with more guns..)

9. Laser and plasma based directed energy weapons and gear like fallout, W40K, HALO, Star wars, etc.. (repeaters, Lazcannons, Lazrifles, Plasma Launchers, etc..) Hell you could invent your own like fusion based beam weapons - which would give a conon sort of archetype to gear like the Spark Beam the Ranger has..

This is just cool * I'd like to see in game, again, I've taken game balance and the flow of battle into account, so none of these are game breaking, just different ways to play.... but if anyone else reads this and has other ideas, I'd love to hear them...

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Re: Suggestions for NEW content to add to Anthem (also this that NEED to be adde

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why the hell are you guys still listing your demands here….theres no devs around in this forum. go to reddit
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