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by PlzBuffMozambiqu

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Re: Suggestion

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Look I’m against this idea in the fullest YET if they make a limited mode for this where people actually know their position will be revealed and they want a more difficult challenge, I say go for it.

Something like @SpyrosKap_GT mentioned. You as kill leader (not champion) will have your rough location marked/pinged with a radius of 150m with an audible sign and location on the (mini)map. So it’s not there for 15 seconds but more like 3 seconds. Then the fun begins. As soon as your kill leader you get more (season) exp by the second/minute/time survived (open for suggestion) and basically it’s holding out till you win the game, get nailed or someone else becomes kill leader.

It’s essentially capture the flag(? I really only play TDM/DM in shooters so correct me if I’m wrong. Besides that I just woke up so my brain is not functioning properly :P) BR style ^^

This is for players who really want to experience brutality... FATALITY!
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Re: Suggestion

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@Shahrazat I think most players don't really care to kill the kill leader, because most people just want to get as many kills as they can get in the game. Therefore, someone else's kill count may be irrelevant to them, when most players' focus is on a winning game with a lot of kills.

That's just my opinion. Also, as previously mentioned, a separate mode with this feature might actually be a cool idea!

People would play it purposely to have people "chase" them. Why you might ask? Maybe a squad wants a high kill game, and they want to fight the whole game. However, playing the devil's advocate, people might play it and just run away from the kill leader. But I doubt the later would be more likely.
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