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Re: Suggestion on maintaining fanbase


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Suggestion on maintaining fanbase

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I used to be a WoW player back in the day and was a very dedicated player. Even though I loved raids and leveling alts, one of the many things that kept me coming back was the random and holiday events they routinely brought out. For the week of Halloween they would put decorations on buildings and have special public events show up on occasion or a holiday twist on dungeons n such. Then for the week of Oktoberfest they would have events where they would have mini-games and special collection quests that could be turned in for holiday currency that would allow you to buy silly cosmetic things only available for that time (pumpkin heads, auras, etc).

I think this would be great to keep casual players coming back and something for hardcore players changeup from their routine tasks. The rewards/gifts from the holidays don't have to be advantageous in any way, could just be cosmetic or even temporary. I would like to see these holiday or even made up events every couple of months just to keep everything fresh. They could be entirely made up or twists on actual holidays but given different names so no one feels excluded.

As for the rewards I would like to see maybe design shapes for the javelins, maybe something as far as holiday/unique takes on guns (like ornaments on Destiny), to even different auras or thruster designs/colors. I just think it would be a fun way to keep players interested and coming back constantly even in the later years of the game
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Re: Suggestion on maintaining fanbase

I think 'holiday' customizations of the Javelins are inevitable... Wink

I don't work for EA, but I adore BioWare's Mass Effect, Dragon Age & Anthem.
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Re: Suggestion on maintaining fanbase

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I love this idea. As a former World of Warcraft player myself, I was going to suggest this very thing. Having events like this really brings players together and it is a nice distraction from “routine” tasks and dailies.

Part of me wonders if this would work, though, based solely on the fact that it might not work in context with the lore of this new world. I suppose we would have to wait and find out.
I’m right here with you, though. Holiday events have always been highlights!
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Re: Suggestion on maintaining fanbase

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I think it could work if you rather loosely interpret holidays or make your own. For Halloween they could just have a giant firebreathing dragon attack random places (on a schedule) that are pretty common or like a dungeon/instance that is temporarily changed just during the holiday event. For Christmas/Hanukkah/etc they could just have snow on the ground and a more playful game mode. Snow being optional. Valentine's day you could even have social quests (if Tarsis is gonna be a open social area). Then they could always create their own holidays. "Survival from _______(insert name of event that changed earth)". On that day you get auras, or special preset color themes (like shaders from Destiny).
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