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Suggestion for quickplay strongholds

by Haufield

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Suggestion for quickplay strongholds

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I have run the quickplay strongholds roughly 20 times and having 97% of those spawning me into the monitor fight. I get that the best "farming" method is to loot the chest and leave, but that leaves other players who want to actually play the stronghold with less loot opportunities.  

I would like to see either better incentives for the boss fights or maybe penalize people who leave without finishing the stronghold with a cooldown timer or no loot.  I know that may seem unfair to people farming. However,  I feel that players abusing the game should be the ones who suffer not the players legitimately trying to play strongholds. If you want to farm the chests then get a group of friends and do it that way. 

I know this will probably be an unpopular post and maybe deservedly so. I'm just frustrated at not being able to enjoy the game because others want to take advantage of a system to speed farm. 

End rant.

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Re: Suggestion for quickplay strongholds

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If you want to 'play the stronghold' why are you using the quickplay option? The idea behind that is to dump you into an existing SH run. Assuming that everything is working perfectly as intended, Quickplay SH has about a 50% chance of you spawning into the boss fight. Maybe better since it's intense and more likely to result in people bugging out because they realise they can't win.


I'm not saying that this is how it works (because I feel reasonably sure it isn't), but if you want to play through a SH from start to finish, you should be using the normal SH selection mechanism. That should result in you starting at the start. I'm pretty damn sure that the people farming the instances are doing it that way and they obviously get to start at the start most of the time, otherwise they wouldn't be able to farm anything.

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