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Re: Sue the hackers

by TheImmortalEnt

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Sue the hackers

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Why dont do like epic games sue Who use the hacks. Probly  hackers will be scared more to not use it anymore. Prop alot of the hacker are Kids Who so bad in this game cant Even win a game without hacks Just a tip from my site because cant Even get ride of them 

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Re: Sue the hackers

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@OpTc_Blinks because most hackers accept untraceable bitcoin so they can't get caught.
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Re: Sue the hackers

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@TheImmortalEnt Sue the webside XD like epic games do
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Re: Sue the hackers

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@OpTc_Blinks Respawn dont give * like epic games did took hacker straight away. So you can see and also ea server and they dont give * about hackers
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Re: Sue the hackers

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total hackfest for months

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Re: Sue the hackers

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I believe that they will not sue anyone because EA knows that they might lose a lot of money, and possibly players. Respawn have no say in how to deal with hackers other than improving anti-cheat. EA has the crown and do not care as long as people buy things from their expensive store.

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