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Re: Subpar servers

by The3rdLetter

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Subpar servers

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You can actually see that it takes the servers a while to register hits with the peashooter. Try shooting at an enemy and you’ll first see the actual hit and afterwards the damage or you’ll see that you actually hit the target but the pea wil take ‘some time’ to explode and display the damage xD. It’s funny to see actually

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Re: Subpar servers

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@Koochi-Q Yeah, I don't think they invested much into these servers... I don't even think they have much faith in their own game as this "Early Access" period is most likely being used to assess the demand for the game and in turn will determine the amount of money the put into the game from here forward.. granted they already spent whatever it was.
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Re: Subpar servers

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@The3rdLetter Well I hope they have hope for this game cause it’s pvz... it’s too weird and quirky not to invest in
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