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Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

by EA_Alexander

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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As a storm, use ice seal abilities to keep turrets and swarms of enemies frozen and set them up for combos for your squad mates. Wink


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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

Don't listen to the GM2 advice.  It's bugged.  Stick with GM1 and you have a better chance at Legendaries.  I tried since the patch at GM2.  Got nothing but purple.  My first round back at GM1 today and I'm getting yellows.  Their game is screwed.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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Stay close to each other, work as a team. Try to take advantage of the terrain. Don't be static, move around, use your shields/dodge abilities, as well as your support skill. PEople tend to forget they have support tools on their javelins.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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In Tyrant Mine, after clearing the first wave of Scars most of the time my squad mates continue along the path to the left to collect echos. 

I like flying up and to the right to a platform that you will later cross that has mines on it.


From there I can snipe smaller swarms of enemies, break shields or freeze enemies for my squad (as a Storm that is)

After a couple shots the snipers usually start to direct attention toward me giving my teammates one less thing to worry about.


Also, the enemy already know that they are going to loose because at that point I have the "High Ground". 

And we all know what kind of advantage that gives you. 

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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All javelins are right handed. So you should choose your cover position accordingly so that you have les exposure when uncovering and shooting, especially against turrets. You should always uncover going to the right side of your position. Moreover, you'll see things a little bit sooner so that you can anticipate foes trying to aim at you.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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If you have not tried GM2 or higher previously, I would consider taking a good standoff weapon.


In Hard and even GM1 you may not have bothered with the sigils, but in GM2 make sure you take the time to select the appropriate sigils for your Javelin

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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I don't understand the complaints of GM2. I am getting legendaries as well as masterworks its the tyranny of RNG but it isn't bad a idea to bounce around difficulty level but I hope Bioware can see to make it consistent. I still think more legendaries should drop on GM2 and GM3 but at least we are seeing a lot more Masterworks and the loot drops have improved. Still I think GM3 players should be rewarded with legendaries more.

GM3 is a whole new ball game still. I find that sticking to what your javelin does best helps. You have to use your team. In the other difficulties you can pretty much cut through large groups by yourself. In GM3 trash mobs put up murderous fire, are much more aggressive. Tougher enemies like Javelins seem to be a bit smarter using more area of effect attacks and more movement. If you aren't playing with friends you still should try to do team work. If there are no mics I would stick to playing a role. Storms should be freezing people. A trash mob really decreases in ability if even a few get frozen letting colossus or another javelin clean up. While comboing is still viable you aren't going to be able to combo as often because snipers and ranged fire is much more murderous. Instead you should stick to your javelin's strengths.  

You'll find supporting your close in guys like Colossus or Interceptors are gonna be more rewarding and effective. The enemies to focus fairly well so if they don't have to deal with multiple threats they hammer you. Freezing, shield breaking, burning or melting armor, popping ultimates, strong enemy hunting. You want to keep moving as previously said. You cannot just sit there and wait to charge up and easily combo. I find almost all the defensive supports except for Shield pulse to be in general ineffective on GM3. Bulwark points aren't terrible but are pretty brief. Windwall are like glass on GM3. We really need Masterwork Supports I don't know why they aren't out yet. Things that quicken your gear, improve your damage or distract enemies are probably ar ethe way to go. Look for MW weapons with secondary effects like Thunderbolt of Yvenia, Being able to prime enemies or bring elemental damage without using gear is excellent. 

It might go without saying but trying to get your ultimates as often as possible is helpful. 

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

I would have to say my favorite is the Tyrant Mine, considering I played it a lot during the Alpha, Demo, and main Game :D 


If I play this on Grandmaster 1 or 2, I usually try to group up with people that are more tactical, and don't just run out in the open and try to kill everything. 


Once you get to the second part of the Tyrant Mine, with the Turrets, I usually tend to take those out first since they do the most Damage. They have weak spots on the back of them, the Cylinder things. If you freeze the turrets and shoot those, they go down pretty quickly.


I tend to take out all the first wave enemies first before collecting any echoes, simply because it's easier that way :P


But, communication is always key, so if you can find a good group to do these on harder difficulties, I definitely suggest doing so.


I haven't tried Heart of Rage or the other Stronghold in Grandmaster yet, but I assume those are a bit more difficult than Tyrant Mine. 


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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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Hello Freelancers!.


I wish to share this advices with you all (mostly newcommers):


First of all, STAY TOGETHER. The core gameplay for this kind of mission's is to play together with your teammates and get rid of everything with caution doing your job. A good point to succeed is underestanding the gameplay style for each Javelin in order to play well and got the best synergy posible with the entire team.


Always pay attention and check if you'r team mates are in good standing and revive if needed.


Most of the fails in the Strongholds are from players that don't play as a team and go in solo.


For example: When you are in the Tyrant Mines one and your team are in the "Silence Relics" part you must check what are your mates doing and then, focus on something particular. If your team has a Colossus and he's supporting with shields and blocking coming enemys, you can focus your atacks on the electrics orbs that are doing demage to your team.


The rest, is just learning the Strongholds guidelines.


Finally, remember… if you failed one, you must get up twice and never give up.


I hope you find my advice usefull.



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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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As a ranger, using the following build can be very effective against legendary foes on GM2+.


1) Stuff :

  • Ralner's Blaze
  • Siege Breaker
  • Seeker missile
  • Seeker or Frag Grenade
  • Elemental Agent

2) Inscriptions :

  • + Mag Size on Ralner's Blaze (more interesting than DMG). Your objective is to stack fire effect, not impact damages. So the bigger the weapon magazine, the longer you can shoot and stack fire damages and more chances to fire prime the foe.
  • Gear CD
  • Combo DMG
  • Fire effect

3) Sigils

  • Combo Sigil
  • Gear Sigil
  • Ultimate Sigil

Shielded foes :

  • Use Ralner's Blaze to stack fire dot to take down the shield. (I get 9k fire damages on shields whereas Fire dots do 1,5k on health bars.) Don't waste gear cd on shields !
  • Prime foe using Ralner's Blaze, detonate it, switch to Siege Breaker, prime it and detonate it again. Rince and repeat.

Non shielded Foes :

  • Prime it with one weapon, detonate it
  • Switch to the other weapon, detonate it
  • Rince and repeat.

Actually, you can't chain prime a foe with the same elemental effect. But you can alternate elemental effects to chain prime foes. This build is wonderfull to target legendary foes. Moreover, you can even easily take down the yellow scar heavy foes using shield and flamethrower since you can prime them even if you do 0 damages to them.


The only limitation this build has is against fire enemies since you can't take down the shield easily... So beware of them.


For all classes :


If a shielded foe is primed (shield down) and recover its shield, you can still detonate it even if its shield is active.

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