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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

by Truedckiller93

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★★★★ Novice

My stronghold tip is to not even try the Heart of Rage. You only get loaded into the end after other groups have collected the first two chests and bailed.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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A couple interceptor tips for strongholds... try not to stop moving... if you keep moving they can't hit you very well.  Keep an eye on the party health meter, if you see someone go down its usually fastest for you to get them back up and if needed you can ult to do it while immune.  Get used to the spawns in fights there are a couple specific points in both TM and HoR that saving your ult for can really smooth the trouble over, unless you're running an ult build... then go hog wild.


A couple stronghold specific tips:  Tyrant mine... for an easier time with the second shaper relic, split off from the party before finishing the first one.  Fly over to the second relic area and you can eliminate the 4 turrets there while only they have the ability to shoot you.  The rest of the mobs will not have spawned yet.  Heart of Rage: Like the electric orbs in TM you can and need to shoot meteors when facing the monitor.  This clears them off the screen and often is the difference between life and death.  Temple of Scar: The final luminary is much easier if you have people sit on a single beam... That way every time the boss puts up his shield you can drop it quickly.  Seems simple but I see it done less often then you'd think.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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The best advice I can give is to stay together. A wise man once said "There is no 'I' in 'TEAM'", and that definitely applies here.

Stay together, support your team, and focus on the objectives. If you run off trying to be a hero, you just end up making a mess of things for everyone else in the group.

Use cover wisely. It's there for a reason. Standing out in the open trying to face tank everything in sight is a poor tactical decision. Force the enemy to come to you, create funnels that give your team the advantage, and stay together (see the theme here?).

Don't be an idiot and rush through everything, forcing your team to teleport to you to keep up. This isn't about you. The loot won't be any better when you reach the box, just because you got there first. If anything, you're cheating yourself by missing out on the stuff the trash mobs drop. If you want to be a solo hero, go play Mass Effect.

Combos, combos, combos. Work with your team, set the enemy up, and crush them. Not only do you kill them more efficiently, you power up your ultimate faster, allowing you to kill more enemies.  Each class has a bonus combo effect. Learn what they are, and coordinate primers and detonators so you're doing the most damage possible. Don't waste a Ranger's combo effect (single target crit damage) on a group of enemies when you can punish them with a Colossus or Storm's AoE instead.  (Remember what I've said about teamwork?)

Don't spray and pray. Focus on the heavy hitters first, then take out the trash. If you dump all of your ammo because you hosed it all downrange like a rook, you aren't helping the team. Pick your targets, crush them, and move on to the next.


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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★★★★ Novice

Highest I've been so far is GM1 but a good strategy yo succeed when first entering the GM's I've seen is dont try and be the hero right away and use your weapons a little more. Dont get surrounded. 

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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★★★ Guide

Weak points. Colossus weak points are their gas canisters..bright red. Scar snipers weak points are their green rocket boosters..bright green. Turrets have a weak point as well..yellow gas can behind the gun. Ursix weak points are its head. Titan weak points are its arms when glowing..chest when shooting death ray and back when it bends over to scoop up fire from the earth to throw fireball fireball fireball. Skorpions weak points are workers have eggsacs..shoot them..Tyrants weak points are its eggsacs and then after busted the raw meat underneath (two on each side) Monitors weak points are his right hand side and the top of his head. After first chest in Tyrant mine there's a little clearing down to your right on your way along the path up to the  first cave door.Its actually to the right as you enter the first scene (around the the mountain to the right) A legendary Colossus mob with three minions spawns there(after first chest)..extra chance at loot. Kill everything on the way to each leg in tyrant mine. Second leg kill the spiders while picking up fragments in the caves...They drop legendary s too. As a storm, don't stay in one place too long. Always be ready to evade to break a snipers train on you..might take an extra evade. Storms can melee..yes, it's weird and strange I know but it's gotten me out of a jam when I had nothing left to throw at the enemy. Lightning breaks shields faster. Fire is a DOT(damage over time) and Ice is a well needed crowd control on higher end runs. OH! and Turrets can be frozen so they don't shoot. Play an active role in killing them either with a skill or a siege breaker.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★ Guide

I'm no expert on these things and have little in the way of valuable advice. However, I have come across a couple simple things that anyone can do in Tyrant mines.


After defeating the second area of Scars and collecting the chest, you will head down a tunnel to a close door. Most people seems to head down the tunnel and follow the path around the left side. This is not necessary. A quicker path is to fly straight through to the door, you can make it in one flight without stopping to purge heat by flying through the waterfall. Image below:


Tyrant shortcut.jpg


Additionally when fighting the Queen, you can drop down on the highest pillar in the middle of the room for a clear view of the action making it easy to drop AoE on her.


Tyrant Queen.jpg

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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★★★★ Apprentice

Basics: GM1 you should have all epics and 1-2 masterworks.  Transition from hard to GM1 can be rough, but once you get a few iconic components for survivability it gets better.  GM2 you should have mostly masterworks (particularly your iconic components), with 1-2 legendaries.  Get to know the strongholds by trying them each out once or twice on normal or hard, to get a feel for what you need to do in each phase.  The only exception to power levels is if you are running with a group of friends, don't come grossly undergeared for pug/matchmade groups.


To get MW components, I seem to get at least one per GM1 run on a legendary contract.  So to get prepared for strongholds you should be doing the 3 legendary contracts you get each day.  To access them, you need to finish the Yarrow, Brin, and Matthias questlines.  


So, your just starting GM1 with threshold power level... Be cautious, don't slam into the middle of everything (yes, even if you are a colossus).  If you can help take out turrets from behind cover, do so, then go after snipers and hunters, or the elementalists/brutes, also from cover if possible.  Use abilities when up, but do so from as safe a spot you can be in.  You should also know by now that your ultimate can be used as a last ditch safeguard (ie you are invulnerable while performing it, and then have full health/shields afterwards), so try to save it for an emergency.  Yes your dps may go down, but you'll live and be less of a headache for others who are perhaps better geared than you.  Rez others when you can do so safely (ie if they downed lancer is surrounded by enemies, at least try to clear them out first...)


Once you are a masterwork power level javelin, GM1 should be relatively easy.  For the most part stick to the above advice, but you can be less cautious and take more risks-- but don't do anything stupid.


Going from GM1 to GM2 can also be a difficult transition, again use caution and use the above tactics.  Cover is your friend!!! Don't stand out in the open of you don't have to.


For PS4, if you get stuck behind a wall, open your map, and hold down L3 to respawn near your group, you don't have to drop out.


EDIT: Also... Consumables, Consumables, Consumables.  Use them!!!  You can double on armor/shield sigils (and others) using the purple and green variants. 


TL:DR-- components are key to your survivability.  Get them through legendary contracts.  Full epic +1-2 masterworks for GM1, mostly masterwork + 1-2 legendaries for GM2.    

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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★★★ Guide

also as a storm.. look closely at your  components. IMHO there's 4 that are the bread and butter of a dps build. Mark of Wrath, Mark of Ruin, Token of the Master and Token of the Pupil. Having these 4 equipped will increase your  detonator skill damage for 120% and your primer for 80%. The other two are your choice really but I have fallen in love with Emergency Power(Universal Component). If you haven't seen it , It basically gives you an Ultimate every two minutes.Your health has to hit critical..not just red but like one shot away from death and you gotta be ready to hit that X however its not on any shared timer with your regular Ultimate so...if you time it right , you can have two ultimates back to back.It's a bit tricky to use it but well worth it. I also love the siege breaker sniper rifle because every third hit freezes the target and yes, that is a primer so in practice if you use your guns a lot you can have two different detonators equipped to max combos and dps.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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Can't stress enough that you either have communication or...luck..I guess?. Its extremely important to focus fire on tougher enemies. And always remember your abilites recharge. Dont be afraid to use them as OFTEN as possible.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★★★★ Novice

GM 2 and 3 Tyrant mine strategy boss fight I recommend only Rangers and interceptors to do this for there Mobility highly recommend Rangers though have more armor you can get close to the boss without worrying about getting too damaged because she doesn't have a melee attack if you want to help her missiles and her Cannon shot she's very easy to dodge and very easy to to read easy to get to her quick shots and continue damage every once in a while she'll drop ammunition and get combos off once you're up close continue to keep moving or going in around her and circles sometime the boss will mainly pay attention to the other other players that are hiding behind walls I mainly just stay behind her and costly get combos off her when the ads come obviously you have to back off and deal with that recommend you get all the small ones the red bars first and then deal with the snipers second they can easily one shot you if your don't have the right set up to counter it the enforcers the flamethrower dudes I usually just deal with them last cuz they're slow easy to get away from

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