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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

by ReverseLegSweep

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Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

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With the greatest challenge, comes the greatest rewards, and Strongholds are the place for both.


Help your fellow Freelancers out by posting your best strategies for conquering these bastions of danger.


Share in the thread and get rewarded.


Bonus XP from EA_Eric, EA Alexander, and EA_Ataashi to everyone that includes their best Stronghold action shot in their post 😊


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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★★★★★ Apprentice
GM1 Stronghold Strategy: Melt everything, collect loot

GM2 & GM3 Stronghold Strategy: Hide behind something so that single stray bullet doesn't down you, peek out occasionally to throw an ability or shoot, hide some more, wonder why you spent the last 2 hours here for no good loot, maybe cry a little...
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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★★★★★ Apprentice

I'm by no means a Stronghold Expert...but in these common sense is "Stay Close...Don't Wonder Far".....Ones that I see fail and go down are the Lone Wolf/Rambo types who just have to venture off trying to wipe the entire map all by-themselves.....and the result is a Blinking Red Icon in the middle of the enemy. You get the feeling there's only three instead of four half the time. The smoothest ran ones for me has always been where everyone stays fairly close able to stream combos and pop a shields/walls when needed.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★ Apprentice

My best team comp includes a combo colossus with shock coil and Venomspitter, a melee/ultimate/acid interceptor, an ultimate ranger build that also rocks a sweet Divine Vengeance for the fire explosive damage between frag grenades, and a storm (myself) running a glass cannon ice and sniper build. GM3 Tyrant cleared in just about an hour earlier this week. Here is a screenshot of our fight against the Monitor on GM2.


Screenshot (173).png

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★★★★★ Novice
Tarsis Mines:

Silencing the relic has the group go up a spiraling mountain. You can actually fly to the top of the spiral to kill a turrent and a legendary minion. Watch out for the mines there though.

Second area in the waterfalls. A collosus can easily sheild ram through mines blocking the left side where two machine turrets are located. Can then kill them, kill the sniper on the waterfall cliff. Can fly through the waterfall to cool kets to take out the other gun and rocket turrets with an ultimate. Some reason players I get matched with always focus on the right cliff not the left one..

In the third arena, let players deposit relics one at a time since each spawns scar. Depositing all at once spawns all scars at once plus skorpions...

Boss. Fire and acid, then gun fire to pop pimples. Don't stop shooting as it climbs the cliff. Can still do some good damage to it. Don't use ultimate on the minions, rather combo off them to restore ultimate so can use it as a emergency heal / invincibility if the boss rushes you.

Scar Temple

Focus on getting behind turrets to exploit weak points. A Pyro Colloseus can use battle cry to expose the weak point to allies that would otherwise be shot by the turret.

In the section with the broken bridge you can fly low under the bridge to slip paste the snipers and turrets and flank them without being shot.

For the boss, the arena is a circle, but some sections have really deep and protected tunnels that can be used to avoid the bosses fire and its spawned minions. One of them has a raised platform. The other is a mined cavity. These spots allow you to avoid the fans of claustrophobic doom!

Heart of Rage:

An easy way to kill giants is to have an interceptor use their ult but only attack it using jump melee. Basic melee does 0 damage but doing the spinning slam does about 2000 I think (faulty memory). If your kitted with acid aura and ult damage inscriptions and damage boosts can easily shred health by half (and leave some for allies).

For the furies focus on the right one first so the team can exploit the environmental cover to kill the other two. It's better to team shoot them one at a time than shoot all three seperately.

The minitor is easy to prime so a ranger can constantly do comboes and get the bonus damage to help damage him down. It's easy to circle strafe the monitor so that his attacks never hit you but only if you hover. Try shooting him in the arm pits (might be its weak points?) Fire phase shoot orbs at the edge of the areana. Acid phase combo off the elementals to charge ultimates. Electric phase hover and use the sheilded echoes dispell electrified debuff (I'm assuming that's the function of those echoes in that phase?)
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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★★★★★ Guide

Strongholds can easily be done in a pug, but for a really good time grab a few friends and do a full clear. I still kind of want the option to solo, best time I had during the vip demo, was 3 people leaving at the start of tyrant mine, and getting to solo the whole thing because nobody else every connected.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge


If you enjoy Anthem's world, the scenery, and lighting you should try to find a squad of likeminded Freelancers and explore each Stronghold at least once without any haste.


I love the extra room in Tyrant Mine. 

On the first dive turn right instead of left and look for the opening of a tunnel a bit higher up.


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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

[ Edited ]

I’ve only done Tyrant Mine on Hard, so I’m by no means a stronghold expert, but the most important tip I would give is, make some friends. Just like in real life, networking is crucial to your success as a freelancer. Send some messages to people you feel like connecting with on AHQ. Note people that weren’t a pain to play with and add them on Origin. You can always block them if they start being a pain later.


It can still be difficult to get four people at once to group regularly, but if you have even one person you can coordinate strategy and loadouts with before the expedition, it makes a huge difference in how smooth and enjoyable the run will be. Friendship is magic (and coin)!


Also, some people always have VoIP off, and may or may not have Discord, but you can always press Shift-F1 in-game to bring up the Origin overlay, open the friends list, and right-click (or double-click) your friend’s name to open a chat window. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to have a group chat in Origin at the moment.


You can also use that same right-click menu to invite people to your group. It seemed to work much more reliably than trying to invite people from the in-game screen, so I’ve pretty much just been using the Origin overlay ever since. You also get a link to accept someone else’s invite in the Origin chat window.


You can even join their game without invite if they’re in a public game and down a player for whatever reason. There will be a blue arrow icon next to their name on the friends list. Do it fast if you want to do it, because otherwise the game will fill in pretty quickly. But note that they may be playing a mission you haven’t played before, so keep that in mind.


Also, a note about the secret room in the Tyrant Mine: in most groups, you will get automatically teleported to the next checkpoint before you reach it. Even if you get a full group of friends specifically looking for that room, someone might accidentally swim ahead and trigger the checkpoint teleport. However, once you get teleported, you can actually turn around and go *back* and still explore it. Nothing in the room actually *requires* a full group, so you can do it on your own while the rest are doing the relic part for the thousandth time.



The entrance will be on your left if you’re going back; it will be close to the surface level so don’t dive too deep. Look for a relatively narrow passage with a greenish glow. There is also a dark underwater cave farther down under that passage, but that’s not the room.

If you hear Faye mention your limited oxygen supply, you’re on the right path. Some of the dialogue when entering the room may not trigger unless you enter it before getting teleported, but the dialogue after killing the “miniboss” should still trigger properly.

Note that once you arrive back to the door, it may be closed – however, you should be able to use the interact button to open it again if you stand close enough. I’m not sure you can open it from inside the room with the relic though.

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Apprentice

Don't rush them, you get nothing extra... (Pubs) There is always one who thinks if they get there first they are doing something special or they are better. Rush to the chests as if you get a bonus and forcing others to respawn is doing them a favour. Personally I don't revive them, but now that has gone lol. Working together means staying together wait for each other play as a team....


Edit: I think one is correct in saying actually killing everything between room increases your chances of better drops as they are all at a higher drop percentage than say freeplay. I have two Legendaries from between room mobs.... 

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Re: Stronghold Tips – Get a Storm forum badge

★★★★ Apprentice

A few things I find work quite well during Strongholds:


  • Repairing a downed ally, when there's only one to repair, has almost always proven to be worth the potential risk, as four working together trumps three. A few times I've been unable to get to the downed person and we've ended up being wiped and sent back to the checkpoint. Keeping on top of it definitely has made a difference.
  • Related to this point, I find that if someone is downed and another is repairing; landing directly in front of them is a good way of drawing fire long enough to ensure it doesn't lead to two downed members of the squad.
  • Not going on too far ahead is something I think more players could do. I understand the grind, and the desire to get through quickly, but I'm always wary of the potential for it being someone's first time playing through a particular SH, and you do end up missing quite a lot if you're picking up ammo and drops while someone is a way away in front.
  • This has lessened over time, but a lot of players still now waste ammo and charges attacking bosses before the health bar has shown up. Unless it's a bug on my end, this has never worked and the bar still materialises filled up. Holding back can allow the optimum time to shave a good portion of health from the boss.
  • Sev doesn't want that omelette.
  • Do objectives that require standing in the circle in shifts. This, admittedly, applies to other missions too, but I've found to be a good tactic- on the occasions it's happened- in the Tyrant Mine SH. Have two or three in the circle, with either two or one depending on that flying around dealing with enemies and picking up ammo and drops. Alternate every now and again to ensure everyone's got everything they need to continue once the objective is complete.
  • Be aware of good hiding places! The first time I did a certain part of a SH on GM1, where some Brutes appear, I got repeatedly annihilated. I still get wrecked by them, occasionally, but I've become quite good at hiding from them behind a pillar while reloading my MR. Hiding may be cowardly, but it's also a good way to not get frozen and downed... at least in my experience.

Obviously, these are just my takes, so feel free to completely disagree with them. Except for the point about Sev, he's had enough Skorpion talk. Wink 

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