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Storm Javelin Seals/builds

by Kbugg880

Original Post

Storm Javelin Seals/builds

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47 hours into the game i quickly noticed that the only playable combination of seals are either ice storm and fire orb  or ice blast and fire orb. It seems as though any other combination doesn't hold up. I have tried many different combinations of primers and detonators as well as components to try and build something sustainable for dps but i just keep going back to ice storm and fire orb. 


Has anyone found any other combo that works as well as those seals. Please tell me your builds. What have you guys tested? do you feel the same as i do?

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Re: Storm Javelin Seals/builds

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I agree that there should be more Lightning build options with primers and detonators. I actually just submitted a topic with this suggestion. So hopefully there will be an update with more lightning base gear options in near future patches.

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Re: Storm Javelin Seals/builds

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When I get hope later I’ll tell what exactly I’m running. My lighting build feels pretty great. 490 storm and and I’m busting down shields and doing pretty awesome damage.
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Re: Storm Javelin Seals/builds

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I also quickly came to realize how powerful ice/fire combos were on Storm.  I am currently using Ice Storm and Burning Orb.  Being able to AOE freeze enemies is HUGE on it's own as it helps mitigate incoming damage by taking those enemies out of the fight.  Follow up with Burning Orb for huge combo damage on top of that.


I do want to experiment with a Lightning build, though, as I've always wanted a way to more effectively strip enemy shields.

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Re: Storm Javelin Seals/builds

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I wish we had 3 seals we could use so we could pack an Arc Burst to strip shields prior to priming. I know that Limited Action Set (LAS) games are trending (as opposed to having 8 trays of 20 icons), I get that, but TWO??


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Re: Storm Javelin Seals/builds

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I just switched to using 2 detonators. 

Lightning strikes (mw) and burning orb 


If you are with a group u play with regularly and have someone who dedicates to priming you can do some serious dmg.


Currently my lightning strike hits for 20k and I've seen 25k+ with combos.


For solo I would swap the lightning or ice storm thos as said aabove.

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Re: Storm Javelin Seals/builds

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I finally found a good lightning build! i got a legendary lightning strike combined with a masterwork shock blast for an E Q combo what makes this build work is 100% for charges on shock blast 

main weapon elemental fury for the ele dmg stacks big Q dmg

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