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Stop the auto-loot

by AcceptedE

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Stop the auto-loot

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Anyone receiving loot when other characters run by or over the loot on your screen?

I purposely do not collect loot in game unless it’s masterwork or legendary, and without the ability to break down loot in our bags while in expeditions, this will lead to short sessions in freeplay. Also with the limited 250 inventory space, the auto-looting is not acceptable.

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Re: Stop the auto-loot

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There are a lot of instances where people are missing masterwork or legendaries because they dont know they are there.  Loot can drop in a location you are not aware of, like the side passages in Tyrant.  Before the patch I decided to check down the ones I hadn't been down and there was a legendary there!  I've checked them every time since then.  one day I found two masterworks down the side passages I hadn't been in. Auto loot prevents players from missing things that they might otherwise miss.  Also, sometimes people move ahead of the party very quickly, triggering a teleport.  A friend of mine lost a legendary because of this.


Instead I would like to see 1.) the backpack expanded, 2.) an option to break down or throw away loot, or 3.) a freaking strider that i can go to to dump my stuff in.

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Re: Stop the auto-loot

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Its would be a good idea if it was just auto loot on MWs and legendarys. Shouldn’t be forced to gather the lessers especially on higher difficulties.

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Re: Stop the auto-loot

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Yeah, or the player should be able to set a "filter" on the rarity of the autoloot. For example, I want to loot starting from rare. Or only MW/LG. 

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Re: Stop the auto-loot

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You know this is a bug, right?  

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