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Re: Stop missinformation please

by DaboTheDuck

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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I have videos of Gm3 world event chest burping nothing but embers.

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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I play games that have far worst RNG like FFXIV for example but i know just based on my experience that since Mondays patch drops do seem different.

Masterworks are far less frequent and mostly get blue and purples as before i would get far more Masterworks and at the least 1 Legendary every few days at minimum.

This is in GM 1 and 2 content and others have reported the same, so not 100% misinformation i would say. 

Oh and did they not mention increased rate at which Titans and such could drop better loot? I just get blue from them, lol


I know they made changes so that we get more Javelin specific drops which some are indicating they still get many drops from other Javelins. This one i could not verify yet

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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This is the stuff I would like to see. Could you link the video? I'm the "trust but verify" type of person.

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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I have the videos in my Ge force high lights folder for killing apex creatures. I tried linking it once and a 20 second video is too large a file size to link here. I don't have a Youtube channel nor do I have a video program to splice off the unimportant parts to show it. Ill continue looking for something free so i can do that. There was one day that we had three world event chests give nothing but embers. It's one of the reasons my friend and I migrated to HoR. He saw the same thing.I understand that its easy to write off tales to 'hate for the game" and Ill continue trying to shave off the front of the vid to get it to the correct file size.

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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@DaboTheDuck wrote:


So the evidence I have that this game uses RNG is the developers said this game has RNG for loot. I never claimed the RNG is good though.


That's not evidence, thats hearsay.  The developers have lied to us before, they are not trust worthy.


The other issue is, what kind of RNG?  What is being randomized?  How much of it?  What tables is the system rolling on?  What do those tables look like?  There are a number of ways to implement random number generation, and one is not the same as the other.  This game has confirmed cases of people getting drop rates that were totally outside of what was suppose to be happening.  A few weeks ago there were level 30 players getting nothing but White and Green drops in any difficulty setting.  GM1, getting White and Green?  Thats not due to RNG.  So obviously not everything is determined by RNG, and/or there are bugs in their loot system that are skewing results one way or another.


There is evidence of previous stealth loot nerfs because they later admitted to it, saying it wasn't a nerf it was a bug fix. 


History IS evidence of current or future actions.

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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The developers have lied to us before, they are not trust worthy.



You are so full of crap that your eyes have turned brown.


Give me 1 example of the DEVS lying to us.


You and people like you are the problem.

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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@LegendaryIII wrote:

They added chests

Some people believe these are replacing item drops thus a loot nerf.  This has not been my experience as there's still 3-5 items in SH chests.

However, some people are reporting, zero items in chests, only embers dropping on occasion.  Possibly a bug, possibly fake news.  

I can say, in FP, sometimes world event chests only drop 1 item and embers.   I don't recall less that 2 items dropping prior to the patch that added embers.

Also, I've never received 2 items from a hidden chest in FP since change.Either 2 embers, or 1+1.  Previously 2 items was common.


Definately has altered FP event chests as 1 item + embers is fairly common.  Before, was so rare, possibly never as i don't ever recall seeing it prior to patch, but noticed it immediately after.


Since we cannot see what loot others are getting in SHs, it's not really fair to call it misinformation.

Only BW knows if it's an intended change, an unexpected bug, or people BS'ing.

I've had a few world chests have nothing but embers in them.  But never an event chest or stronghold chest.  I have, however, seen a VERY sharp decline in my MW drops since they added embers to the loot.  Not saying the two or linked, but since that change and the coming of elysian chests I get maybe a quarter of the MW drops I used to get, if that.  I have had almost all my legendary contracts, on whatever difficulty, completed with no MW drops other than the guaranteed one.  


So, no, I have no empirical evidence to prove one thing or another, just my personal experience but my drops have been absolute garbage lately and have killed a large amount of desire to play the game despite the fact I like so much else of the game.  

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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Seriously, dude...dude, seriously. I went for two weeks, in GM2, with ZERO legendary drops. And when I finally got one, it had 1% to Weapon Damage.


RNG is this game is bad. I've said this before and I'll say it again:


If there were Legendary sets, with preset inscriptions, and once you collected all the pieces you were done with it, the drop rates would be fine. This is not the case and it may take 10 of the same exact drops to get the item you want. Do that 11 times over and this drop rate is terrible. Not to mention the sheer number of possible items you could get.


RNG on the type of drop (Item or material)

RNG on the quality of the drop

RNG on what item the drop is

RNG on the inscription (RNG on the quality of the inscription)

RNG on the inscription (RNG on the quality of the inscription)

RNG on the inscription (RNG on the quality of the inscription)

RNG on the inscription (RNG on the quality of the inscription)


That's 11 RNG per Legendary drop.


There are no Legendary sets. This game does not work that way. I don't know why people can't get that through their heads.

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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@Xenowulf wrote:

Cause I have played many many games with rng and all of them have one thing in common if you put in the long hours and kill ridiculous numbers you eventually get drops.


Few use true random number generators in favor of weighted ones.

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Re: Stop missinformation please

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The reason i "cant get that through my head" is because i just played for 1.5 hours and got two legendaries. 1 from a legendary contract on GM3 and one from the titan in HoR on GM2. I agree the RNG is bad, I never said it was good and I don't like how even the inscriptions are RNG. What I said is people are claiming there are stealth nerfs, but present no evidence to back up their claims.
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