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Re: Stop complaining

by IronWolf9k_YT

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Stop complaining

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Apex isn't that bad on bugs and content. From being a season 1 fortnite player that still has some season 1 bugs which is crazy. Imagine landing on apex in season 8 and buildings are still low texture and unlootable. EA makes high end games compared to epic which in endgame of apex will probably be alot better of a game than fortnite. Epic went content over stability. I prefer stability over content. Most things added are to op and everyone wants them removed nerfed.  Which time spent on content that could have went toward better game play. So for a game that hasn't been out that long is pretty good to me and i cant wait to see wheres its at a few months from now

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Re: Stop complaining

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Everyone has their subjective feeling towards the game at any given moment, sometimes people like it, sometimes people hate it, so all words about feelings will be here in this forum and there must be complaining I guess.

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Re: Stop complaining

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Complains about people complaining too much XD

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