Stollen Games

by Marlon215Dingle

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Stollen Games

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why are my games no longer in my library and have now supposedly the keys have been activated on someone else's account I'm missing at least 4 games the one I'm actually bothered about is mass effect trilogy the remastered one when I tried to go through support i git fobbed of with them sayings it's been activated through a different account and to contact cd keys but it was active on this account so no one else should have been able to redeem it.. also, this chat box i stupid can't put 'at least' as one word or the grammar police come out 


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Hey @Marlon215Dingle,

There's no way to unredeem games from one account and then redeem them on another without just merging the accounts, and if that happened, then our support would have seen it. It looks like you must have a second account and redeemed the games there. Did you try sharing your CD keys or other possible email addresses with our support to see if they can help you find the right account?


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