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Re: Star Wars Squadrons

by HCarbonic

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Star Wars Squadrons

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Just Saw the trailer looks good can't wait for actual game play footage just had a few questions


1 will there be multiplayer


2 how many ships will we be able to fly for a fighter combat only game?

I was hoping to see some fan favorites like the tie defender (made cannon through rebels if you don't add this its a vastly missed opportunity) the imperial gunboat (used in xwing vs tie fighter) the imperial tie-d (droid imperial tie seen in old rogue squadron games) and b-wings (used by the rebels in return of the jedi) and even the e-wings (used by the rebels in rogue squadron novels and comics) and t-wings and z95 headhunter from x-wing alliance and x-wing vs tie fighter games older fighters the rebels adopted and used when they couldn't use x-wings and a-wings


3 For the main story campaign that this game appears to have will there be co-op missions to play with friends


4 will there be a card system like Star wars Battlefront 2 and if so can we keep the leveling up of cards out of the game its infuriating playing as a new player and getting squashed by enemy players that have cards maxed out crushing your team just because they have better leveled up cards than you


5 what is the release date?


looking forward to this game we haven't had a game focused purely on star wars air combat since jedi star fighter i believe and id love to see what the story shows went down in the fights the rebels and empire had not shown on camera

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Re: Star Wars Squadrons

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I'd also like to know if HOTAS controllers will be supported for this.  Please let it be so.

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Re: Star Wars Squadrons

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@kramzenitram wrote:

I'd also like to know if HOTAS controllers will be supported for this.  Please let it be so.

"Fly your way - Star Wars: Squadrons has controller, joystick, and hands on throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) support. We’ll have more details on supported sticks as we get closer to launch."

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Re: Star Wars Squadrons

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@Cantiras Will that include joystick support on the PS4 version of the game. I have the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS for the PS4 and Squadrons would be so much more fun using the HOTAS on the PS4!
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Re: Star Wars Squadrons

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@rowntrp, My understanding is that joystick support applies to all versions (PS4, Xbox One, PC). Specific details about which controllers and joysticks will be officially supported hasn't been released yet. All we can do is wait for official word. For the T.Flight Hotas 4, you can also check to see if the list of games at (select "T.Flight Hotas 4 - PlayStation 4 Games list" under "Game settings") is updated at some point in the future to include STAR WARS: Squadrons.


I have a HOSAS setup for PC, so I am waiting for more info as well. In time (prior to launch), I expect joystick support information will be provided via one or more of the following sources:

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Re: Star Wars Squadrons

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1. Yes there will be. Two multiplayer modes are confirmed: 5v5, and 5v5 with capital ships
2. 8: Tie fighter, tie bomber, tie interceptor and tie reaper. Countered by X wing Y wing A wing U wing. There could be more after launch, but it’s only Empire vs New Republic era so probably not too many more. Also these would be additions to the classes, not adding another.
3. I highly doubt it
4. Not really cards...but there are 6 slots which you can choose 60 upgrades for the fighter: one for missiles, one for lasers, one for engines, one for shields, and 2 for auxiliary like a tractor beam or mine.
5. 2nd of October this year
Hope this helps!
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