Star Wars Battlefront II - Community Transmissions & Patch Release Notes

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Star Wars Battlefront II - Community Transmissions & Patch Release Notes

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Collection of all Communits Transmissions & Patch Release Notes for Star Wars Battlefront II


August 26th Patch - Release Notes


May 28th Patch - Release Notes


The Battle on Scarif Update


The Rise of Skywalker Update & Release Notes


Holiday Quests & Community Calendar


Celebration Edition & The Rise of Skywalker


Reinforcement Appearances, UI Updates & Release Notes


Cooperation Update & Release Notes


Another Night on Endor Update & Release Notes


The Forest Moon of Endor Hungers Once Again


Appearances & Co-Op


October Timed Quests


A look ahead at what’s coming in 2019


Felucia and Capital Supremacy


Clone Commando


Roger Roger Update & Release Notes


Star Card Changes


August 2019 Patch


Visual Effects in Star Wars Battlefront II


July 2019 Update


Where are those Droidekas?


Clone Troopers


Heroes vs Villains Changes


Level Cap, VO Wheel, & Appearance Bundles


Anakin Skywalker


Siege of Kamino Update


Kamino Comes to Capital Supremacy


May the Fourth Special Event


Infiltrator Reinforcements


Capital Supremacy on Kashyyyk


Giants Above Kachirho Update


Capital Supremacy


Capital Supremacy Update


Lightsaber Combat


Progress Update on New Mode + Emote Wheel


Chosen One Update


Darth Tyranus Update


December Update & 2019 Awaits


Battle of Geonosis




Year in Review




Obi Wan Kenobi & 212th Attack Battalion


Clone Wars


General Grievous Update


Geonosis Vehicles


Hero Health Star Cards


General Grievous


Squad System


Squad System Update & Release Notes


Clone Trooper Appearances


Elite Corps Update


The Clone Wars Begin


Hero Starfighters Update


The Han Solo Season


The Han Solo Season - June


Night on Endor

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