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Stability Issues

by pastaclown

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Stability Issues

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Making a thread early, and hopefully it'll be pinned, for anyone who's having any immediate stability issues with the current update to post their problems here. 


I'll start, my game has crashed 4 times now, once from buying Rampart, and (edit) 3 times trying to access the store or the loadout tab. 


Edit 2: In the file below, textures and static targets in the firing range are completely messed up. Not pictured: getting too close to the square targets will also corrupt their texture.


Edit 3: Picking up Alternator in firing range will crash you game. Also Hemlok textures in firing range are not working either. File oof2 is the display. All other weapons seem fine. 


Edit 4: Grenade indicator in firing range doesn't work for frags or arc stars. 

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Re: Stability Issues

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Hey, thanks for the post. From jumping in and trying a few things I haven't been able to replicate what you describe.
It sounds like something went wrong with the install process, can you try a repair of your game files?

It should identify some damaged files and replace them. You can start the process by right-clicking the game panel in Origin and choosing the repair option. 

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