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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

by bxlazer

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Spore Buddies Exchange!

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Hi SPORE community!


I'm coming back to SPORE this last week and I'm loving it so much, it made me remember why I fell in love for this game for more than ten years.


It turns out that most of the creators from my Buddy List back in the old days are gone, so I would like to add active creators to that so I can have always new and amazing content to play with! Post your Screen Name or a link for your My Spore page and I will add you!


If you like to add me you can! I am arthrfrts (I have few creations in this new Screen Name but I will create more in the following days).

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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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I am active on and off but when I am active I am usually active for a long time. I have been playing spore since childhood and it is still one of my favorite games.

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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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I'm BrythonLexi and usually produce Maxis-style creatures.  However, I also branch out to vehicles (and rarely, buildings).  I've been looking for newer creators of quality as well, and will add y'all!

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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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Hey all, I'm Bansheebott. Like a lot of other people it seems, I come back to Spore every so often.


I make simple, Maxis type creatures and vehicles (mostly military/colonist type), but I'm mainly in to making Outfitted creatures and Adventures. I have a Sporecast  for the latter, just updated with my latest work "Bragg's Assault Course".

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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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I just started playing again after 10 years. Finally got my game up and running. I missed it sooo much! Username is invaderzess. 

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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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You can find me under Primalseed


I love this thread idea! I have so many new creators to follow now. For myself, my favorite aspect of Spore is storytelling, and my creations often reflect that. I mostly create Empires, though I do dabble in creatures and starships. Nice to see the community is becoming active again.


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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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it is nice to see the community have a slight resurgence i suppose. 

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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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creature Hi! I am SandyJam! Nice to meet you!

TipsIt's very nice to see that someone else is here.

TipsI mostly do adventures with humor, but sometimes I create creatures like Maxis.






 SandyJam's Profile

 Sand and Jam Adventures

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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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there's the thing that you can easily retrieve all your buddies' creations that you think are 'gone'. Standard smile use that

Anyone who has had this issue can use that method and retrieve all the creations that are at but are not displayed on the in-gameSporepedia


I'd also like to add that after I'd done it there were the same problem with sporecasts — some creations just wouldn't appear on the in-game Sporepedia sporecasts that you are subscribed to. So just click on 'search sporecasts', enter the name of the troublesome sporecast and click 'subscribe'. It will redownload

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Re: Spore Buddies Exchange!

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Hi! A relative newbie here, you can find me at Taru-Elaari 


At the moment I'm mostly having fun making creatures for, and playing in, the Creature stage.


Would love to have more buddies Large smile

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