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Re: Spore 2

by GothicCroc

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Spore 2

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For the past decade, fans of Spore have been silently praying for a sequel to the sadly now dying 2008 game. I doubt EA will actually want to listen, but please, for god's sake just tell us if there will be a sequel! There was even going to be a movie directed by the guy who directed Ice Age! Please, I just want to know if I need to start paying my respects to the Spore franchise.

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Re: Spore 2

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@Duckeatsbread NAh....... EA will ruin it.
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Re: Spore 2

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@GothicCroc Good point, they always milk franchises to pieces.
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Re: Spore 2

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@Duckeatsbread  There is not going to be any sequel. Sorry.

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Re: Spore 2

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They already milked the series. They released 4 games in about a year.

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Re: Spore 2

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creature One word NO 


TipsI’m afraid it’s impossible as well as teaching a parrot to say what he wants. The main Maxis studio was closed, where Sims and Spore were created. I don't know who is currently following the moderation, Maxis or EA. It's a mystery to me. A sequel to the game came out, but it didn't look like the game itself. The third game will not come out just because of the closed studio. If any addition is released, then it will be on the verge of the impossible.


I hope I have solved your question. Good luck with Spore!       

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