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Spectate not first option when RIP.

by -KG-Kajautus

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Spectate not first option when RIP.

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My god this is annoying. You go down, and default option is some useless stats site. Then you click somewhere and what happens, whole game goes down to windows bar because your mouse was on monitor 3. ARGH. 

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Re: Spectate not first option when RIP.

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Comletely agree with you.

Im sure that most of players don't care about this useless death recap.
If they don't plan to remove death recap, then give us option to disable, or change default window after death.
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Re: Spectate not first option when RIP.

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Yeah I agree. I am getting used to not accidentally backing out of the match because muscle memory of the old system and getting into spectating was causing me to leave. That stat page is worthless. Maybe someone out there wants to see the number of how much damage you did vs. how much they did. In the end how does it help? You lost... they won. It takes up space and honestly I just want to spectate to see if my team can get me back into the game. It would be nice if we could turn it off in the settings or it defaults to spectate at least.


While they are at it they need to put an option in the settings to turn off our teams banner so it doesn't take up 1/3 of the screen. I turn this off 100% of the time manually and growl about it 100% of the time... lol.


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