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Re: Spawn killing

by Real_Noobalishus

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Spawn killing

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I just played a game of breakthrough on Aerodrome, a game in which I died immediately after spawning 8 times, 5 times consecutively, every time I spawned next to enemies or within their firing path, and have survived no longer than 3 seconds. Even spawning in the path of a piat shot which killed me instantly. Perhaps there is an issue in the mechanics that try to avoid spawning in the vicinity of nearby players?

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Re: Spawn killing

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Hi @Archer21RED 


You are on Command&Conquer forum BFV forum are here:


And yes there are sometimes spawnkill problems and players who unfortunately play it. It actually appears more often I find in the modes that appear punctually.



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Re: Spawn killing

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@Archer21RED Aerodrome can become massively 1 sided if your team doesn't push back an loses all the points. Best bet is to get a car and blitz through the lines and gun it for a rear objective as fast as you can
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