Spawn Beacon - disappear

by borroma31

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Spawn Beacon - disappear

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When you place down a spawn beacon, you can no longer change loadout and keep the beacon active. If you swap loadout the beacon destroys itself.

Why have they changed this? Or is it a bug in the latest update? It's ridiculous to always have a Spawn beacon if I already have one in place 

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Re: Spawn Beacon - disappear

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@borroma31It is an intended change, stuff you have on the battlefield and then change loadout disappears.

That means for example if you have tankmines in the field and then swap to m5 recoilles, the mines disappear.

Angel is allready very strong for having unlimited ammo for everything, making crawford a little bit pointless.

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Re: Spawn Beacon - disappear

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It is that the mines do not disappear. I lay mines then switch to M5 and the mines are still there.

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Re: Spawn Beacon - disappear

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Prior to this change you could really abuse Angel's loadout swap ability.  All deployable gadgets were essentially 'free'.


Drop spawn beacon

Swap to mines.  Drop Mine#1 at Location A.  Drop Mine#2 and #3 at Location B.

Swap to C5.  Drop C5 #1 and #2 at Location A.  Drop C5 #3 at Location B.

Swap to your preferred non-deployable gadget.


You are now getting all the benefits of a spawn beacon and two lethal piles of AT mines while still running around with the M5.


Post update only the mines are still 'free'.

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