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Re: Sound is REALLY low after last update

by Fr3dY2

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Sound is REALLY low after last update

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I have been having inconsistent sound from Apex for a while. Sometimes when i start it the sound is really low in game and i can barely hear steps. Upon restarting the game it goes up by A LOT. So i've always restarted the game.


After tuesdays patch it is always low how ever. =/ I have the sound turned up to 100%, windows sound is up to 80. But the game is still low.


I used to run it like this;

Windows sound - 30 ish

Ingame sound - 80


And it was HIGH. Now i have it like this;

Windows sound - 80  (basically breaks my eardrums every time a sound plays outside if the stupid game

Ingame sound - 100.... still low...

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Re: Sound is REALLY low after last update

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You didn't accidentally change the individual sound sliders? Like for effects?

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Re: Sound is REALLY low after last update

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Mmmmm... try these:


1) Open Windows volume mixer and take a look there (while the game is open), maybe Apex application config in Windows has been lowered, so even having the default Windows and in-game volume high is not working.


2) Check the audio setting (in-game), at the bottom you'll see the Sound Configuration, check if it says Stereo.


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