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Re: Something new to add to Official Launch

by CJackson5083

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Something new to add to Official Launch

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Hi there, I'm YetiKingGaming (forget the YT in my username, it's just a mistake I made) I wanted to suggest something for to be added to the game on official launch day that everyone will like... Cross-Platform Parties... For example I play on Xbox One, and if some friends I met play on PS4 or PC, there would be Cross-Platform Parties and players and their friends could join them, even if they are on different platforms... What do you guys think of this idea? Let me know

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Re: Something new to add to Official Launch

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I’ve seen this topic discussed a lot on other sites and I don’t know if the devs are planning on implementing it as of now, however it is possible.

Honestly I think it’s a great idea! It would keep the game alive for much longer.


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Re: Something new to add to Official Launch

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This has been discussed, please search.  And to answer your question, as of now they said there will not be cross play.

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