Someone took my name, another hacker unpunished.

by CuldricLuoz

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Someone took my name, another hacker unpunished.

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NOTE: This is a copy/paste from a form sent to EA to report a player for cheating, abuse, and harassement. I share this for visibility and to share my disappointment toward the inaction taken toward cheats, hacks, harassements. To also be noted, this is not about Titanfall (2014), but about the system that allow the users to report cheaters, hackers, harassers, and so on.


Recently, I've been playing Titanfall (2014) on PC following his surprise release on Steam. Ever since, the player base as been really thin, a lot of interested people not knowing about it and new comer quickly turned around by the flagrant frequency of cheater/hacker. A month later, the peek of the player base is around 60 user (around 5 simultaneous match, not often fully filled with player as group can't always join each others).


This very fragile player base is torn appart by many cheaters/hackers which make it difficult to have a match filled with only legit players. I, and probably others, fight a sort of crusade against those hackers/cheaters in the hope of making the game great again for both new player and veteran like me (I've been playing since 2014). In my approach, I challenge those cheaters/hackers to show some real talent and show that they are capable of playing the game in a fair manner. It never work, but I do not wish to insult those individual just for the sake of it and believe that if they would to resign their programs that help them fulfill their ego, they could have as much fun, if not more, while not receiving insult from other players and acquiring a bad reputation. I'm a forgiving person when come to these things. It's just a game after all.


This situation let me have a "love story" (sarcasm) between me and multiples others hackers/cheaters where I would invite them, politely, to cease any and all use of software(s) that alter the intended gameplay of a user and challenge them to show talent that they may have. I would attribute to those individuals the decline of the player base (went from ~150 users connected at once to ~60 users connected at once) and that if they continue running the experience for others, they won't be able themself to satisfy their ego given that there won't be anybody left to play with them.


In this form, I'm invited (yet not requested) to share an account ID, which I did, but I haven't shared is ID elsewhere given your policy against showing and client integrity. Since yesterday, I'm however being targeted by one cheater/hacker who is shaming me for hacking (while failing to point in which possible way I could be do so while also failing to hide is own hacking/cheating behavior). It's a simple redirection of the shame, commonly observable, but this time took a different level. That specific person and I had been fighting each other for multiple weeks now and has now went to a different level. Rather than pointing the "hack" that I would be using, he/she instead changed is in game name to my name. My name is "Pilot7924" while his/her new name is *snip*. This user, like others I believe, change occasionally their in game name (while their account ID on origin never changed) and this one since the night before him writing this form has taken my name (no exactly but close). Since that moment, he/she has attempting to further diminish my reputation while hiding his true self. To be honest, I'm strongly disappointed by all of this story unfolding before me, but I'm not scared of this individual and don't believe that it can go any further than that. I feel safe so far, a bit amuse by this child play, but still invite you to take any action against that user and tell me if I should be working more than what I appears to be.


Concern #1:

Individuals hack/cheat in the game that you publish, own, and share with you clients (the general public) in a frequent basis, especially on PC (as I observe but other platform are also affected). Reporting them using the the Origin system doesn't appears to creates any results.


Concern #2:

Given the lack of result from your system that allow to report a player on Origin, I've dressed a small list of items that either you (EA) and/or your distribution system (Origin) appears to be disregarding. This is a short list and I'm sure that other peoples can find more points to add to it.

- Reporting of unfair in game behavior, either from cheating or hacking.

- Reporting of abuse and in game harassment.

- Toxicity and disregard of the well being toward other users.

- Impersonation of other clients, public, and private personalities.

- Arm to the reputation of others.

- Disregard for your own code of conduct, terms of use, positive play charter, etc.


NOTE: From here, I had to remove the personal information and any details that could point toward an individual (due to the term of sue and code of conduct of EA). I however include some more information I felt to share in addition, but that I couldn't due to the character limit in this form (which is also bugged by the way).

Concern #3:

This lack of action on you part, either it's an automated action or not, arm the reputation of Origin (your platform), EA (you), your business clients (Respawn in this case, but other as well) and your public clients (the players).

Concern #4:

When multiples user report another user for cheating/hacking/other valid reason such as harassment or other and that no results have been taken, it prove to be a strong defect on your end and not in the end of the game developper (since those actions are being taken in the Origin software and it is not to the game developers to respond to these reports).

I found unfortunate to wrote this. I would rather go play with other players in a fun way and help new players to have fun into the game (any game really). If you ask me, fun of all above else, including score, victory, and ego. I don't share a lot on forum, I'm not really a forum guy and I found really unfortunate that this is my first story of the year, it's a big one that I know has been pointed out before (I've found post from 2017 for Battlefield 3). To be clear, I'm not mad, I'm disappointed and if you look at my account, you will see what game I play using Origin and how I acquired them. There are reason why I'm not an adept of Origin and why it took me really a long time to play some games that are on, and I just listed a few of these reasons. I need a reason to come back and to invest myself in it. If I should invest myself into this platform and his associated services, I expect to see some investment in return toward to players (not just me) and see that EA care about is own wish. I fail to see it today, again.

Have fun players and don't let yourself discouraged by badly intentioned individual. Fight back if you have, but don't be insulting or behave the same as those who are wrong, otherwise you're no better. Have fun before anything else, that's why we play, isn't it?


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Re: Someone took my name, another hacker unpunished.

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 Hey @CuldricLuoz if you are in-game and suspect a user of cheating or breaking the rules then please report them by following the steps in this link:


We take all reports very seriously and will fully investigate.



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Re: Someone took my name, another hacker unpunished.

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Thanks @EA_Darko, this is what I indeed up doing prior to this post (maybe I wasn't clear enough about it). So far as I can tell, it seams to have solve the problem of that one individual, but it didn't solve the problem that I attempt to point out here. Here, it's sounds more about the Origin report system not producing results.

In game, spotting an hacker/cheater is sometime easy (and most of the time quite obvious in Titanfall due to the very high frequency of speed hackers and other important hacks). When this happen, a mass of player usually mention it and with a lot of them reporting the user who's breaking the experience and then mention in the in game chat that they did. After all those times when it happened, it simply seams that the mass reporting using the easy access method on the Origin platform doesn't produce any result despite the mass using them, but the one time I found and use that "Report players for cheating, abuse, and harassment" form, it did something. I had to dig for this one and I hope that other user have found it and use it and that more users will as well.

I just wish that a change, at least small one, was observable when using that easy access form on Origin by the mass.

Thank you for your reply and I hope I will no longer feel the need to talk about this sort of issues since it's not an enjoyable topic for anybody.


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