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Re: Some BFV Easter Eggs Compilation

by SnakeEyesPC

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Some BFV Easter Eggs Compilation

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Here are some of the BFV Easter eggs found as well as some theories I put together from our findings over at the Battlefield Easter Egg (BFEE) Discord (link in my signature at the bottom). This, of course, doesn't include all EEs, and some of the EEs haven't been compiled yet (at least not by me). Anyway, join the Discord and help us discover new EEs!


BFV Firestorm Hangar Room Transcription Compilation


With the 23 May 2019 patch, a new room appeared on the west side of the Firestorm preround hangar. There are cryptic writings strewn about on the north and south walls of the room. In addition, among the objects in the room, you will find the same orange devices seen on various vehicles on each of 2 doors on the south wall, 2 Sulis machines along the north side, 5 generators, and a 3-storied catwalk at the room's west end that you can climb to the top with the help of others.

Among the wall scribblings, you can make out some of the more coherent texts:
*Images by player Jaokait*


+ On the leftmost south wall, a possible reference to the Library of Alexandria:




+ On the rightmost south wall, and the leftmost north wall, respectively:





+ Towards the right of the north wall, there is a line from Robert Frost's poem, "Fire and Ice". Note that "IN FIRE" is encircled:




+ On the center north wall, site 9 appears to be the new excavation site 650m east of Pluto Dig Site A:


GROUP AND OUR <illegible>
≈ 650m E


<illegible> starts with B, E, F, P, or R


Other texts, some that repeat:

+ 333
+ 32115
+ HELI (?)



BFV Telephone Compilation

*Interactive phone compilation by @HotelMama, images by @PriimalHunter

There are a total of 47 telephones found so far in BFV. Note that there are more telephone assets throughout the game; however, those phones aren't interactive or out-of-place.


45 total phones can be found among all 9 multiplayer maps, with these attributes:


1) Phones do not spawn in the preround
2) Phones are indestructible
3) Phones can be seen in spectator mode
4) One phone randomly spawns per round
5) Phones spawn in one of five locations
6) Phone visibility is distance/FOV based


+ Aerodrome: <>
+ Arras: <>
+ Devastation: <>
+ Fjell: <>
+ Hamada: <>
+ Narvik: <>
+ Panzerstorm: <>
+ Rotterdam: <>
+ Twisted Steel: <>


After you hold the interactive key for 1 minute, you'll hear either static or a variation of "Hallo? Hallo? Ist jemand da?" ("Hello? Hello? Is someone there?"). This is similar to the dialogue by the German POW still left in the trunk of the car from the outro cinematic at the very end of the Under No Flag campaign - "Hello? Hello? Is someone there? ...Please.": <>


+ The 46th phone can be found when playing Grand Operations on Day 3 of Battle of Hannut at Arras (Rush). Navigate to the Change Appearance screen. To the left of your soldier, a phone can be seen on the ground.


Image Reddit u/Fila1921


+ The 47th phone can be found when playing Breakthrough on Mercury at the Change Appearance screen in between your soldier's feet. The door in the back is closed, as you can see the door handle and key hole (i.e. it's a lighting bug).






BFV Teddy Bear Compilation


As of now, there are a total of 12 "static" teddy bears, and many more "dynamic" teddy bears at MCOM objectives found in BFV. These teddy bears are indestructible.


Single Player


There are a total of 7 teddy bears found in single player.


+ In Act 1 of Tirailleur, "Liberté", after the first section of enemies, you'll come across a wide open field. Beyond the concrete barricades, steer right. There you will find a teddy bear with a helmet and rifle.


+ In Act 3 of The Last Tiger, "Tooth and Nail", there are a total of 6 teddy bears found strapped on top of select US Sherman tanks.




+ On Twisted Steel, you'll see a teddy bear with a helmet and rifle on Conquest objective B on top of the beams on the west side of the bridge.


+ In game modes that involve arming an MCOM, such as in Frontlines and Rush, teddy bears can be found on top of the MCOM. The number of these teddy bears are equal to the number of MCOM objectives across all relevant game modes and maps. These teddy bears are "dynamic" in the sense that they don't appear in other game modes.


Here's an example on Arras in Rush mode:

Here's an example on Twisted Steel in Frontlines mode:





There are a total of 3 teddy bears found in Halvoy. 2 are located NW of the map, and 1 is SE of the map.


+ 1 teddy bear can be found just NW of Minerva Docks hiding under a little door beneath one of the main entrances of a home. Use an explosive to break the door open to reveal the teddy bear.


+ The other 2 teddy bears can be found at or near Nannahavn at the locations shown in the map below. One is near the train tracks among luggage, and the other is located at the stairs of one of the homes at Nannahavn.





+ In the first reveal trailer at 0:14.



BFV Dinosaur Compilation

There are a couple of dinosaur references within BFV, and some references made by an EA DICE designer outside of the game as possible hints to dinosaur EEs.


Single Player
In the second act of Tirailleur, "Égalité", find your way to the wrecked plane site (second to last sector). You will find a pile of boxes near the tail half of the plane wreckage. Hidden in between them is a T-Rex toy. This toy *is* destructible with explosives.


As a spectator, join any game on Devastation. Pan over to the SW of the map, well out-of-bounds into the open area - you will find a single track that resembles a T-Rex's, but MUCH bigger.


You can hear a dinosaur in that direction - RNG?


Outside of the game, most of the dinosaur references revolve around tweets by EA DICE's senior designer, Niklås Åstrand. Note the speculative nature of the tweets, and aren't related to EEs unless they're found in-game or explicitly confirmed in tweet.


+ 10 March 2019: Niklås polls his followers on what they'd like to see as an EE. Dinosaurs win by a huge margin.


+ 21 March 2019: Niklås posts an "IT IS ALIVE" poster. At the upper left corner, a pterodactyl is flying.


Although there are Jurassic Park references in Niklås' tweets (a & c), any EEs will *not* directly involve Jurassic Park in the game due to legal constraints (b). This, of course, does not rule out dinosaur EEs.

+ 6 May 2019:

+ 16 May 2019:


+ 20 May 2019: Niklås seems to indirectly confirm the dinosaur EE theory. Note: the red flares refer to the shark on Twisted Steel.




BFV Snowmen Compilation


There are a total of 17 snowmen found so far in BFV.


Single Player
In Act 3 of the Nordlys campaign, "Wolf & Dog", you will find 3 snowmen.


+ The first one can be found at the cabin near the village, east and up the mountain of the first red house with three enemies and an alarm. This cabin also has three enemies.
*Photo courtesy of* @bonje#3034


+ The second one can be found at the furthest red house at the village. You'll see two versions of the snowman - one with the Panzerfaust sticking out and one without. - it appears to be RNG. In either case, shoot the snowman to pick it up.


+ The third one can be found at the cabin in between the heavy water truck and docklands objectives. Go through the three enemies stationed there, and look behind the cabin for the snowman.


2 snowmen were found on Narvik.
+ The previous location of one of the snowmen was at the yellow house near Conquest objective A. That one was prebuilt and had to be destroyed and rebuilt for the ToW assignment.

+ However, that snowman was removed and there's a new snowman near the fences at Conquest objective A.

+ 1 snowman was found on Fjell 652 near Conquest objective E.


+ 10 snowmen can be found NE of Halvoy. In particular, they can be found at Hodstad, the village SE of Hodstad, NW of the dome, and north of the Pluto dig site.


Here's the solo snowman found north of Pluto dig site:


Check the Cartography Compilation below for specific locations.


Combined Arms
+ 1 snowman can be built on Fjell 652 in the High Intelligence mission. The snowman can be built near the extraction area.



BFV Gnomes Compilation


There are a total of 11 locations where you may find gnomes in BFV.


When you find and destroy the gnome, its behavior is as follows:


1. Periodically, the gnome(s) you destroy will follow you around, then vanish and reappear repeatedly until you repair the gnome(s) at the original location.


2. When you look at them, they will turn to face you with glowing red eyes.


3. The gnomes are only visible to the player that destroyed it, e.g. if you destroy both gnomes on Fjell 652, both will follow you and are only visible to you; whereas, if someone else destroys one and you destroy the other, then each gnome will only be visible to the respective player who destroyed it.


4. They will not come indoors (e.g. a house).


+ At Arras, you will be able to find a gnome at 8 possible locations. Note that only 1 gnome will be available among the 8 locations per map load.

Images in part by @priimalhunter:


+ On Fjell 652 on the Combined Arms mission "High Intelligence", you will find a set of 2 gnomes at the village in the home closest to the field gun. Directly opposite the doorway at the bottom left corner, you will find 2 gnomes. Despite the fact that these gnomes are found indoors, the gnomes don't seem to follow you indoors.

Image by @Bobwire Bob (Bundgaard):


+ At the Practice Range's introductory cinematic, you'll see a gnome inside the cockpit of a plane.




BFV Cartography Compilation - Firestorm


Raw Maps

High Res In-game Map:

Sulis Map:

Satellite Map:



Maps w/ Points of Interests (POIs)

Updated Halvoy Map:

In-game Map w/ All POIs:

In-game Map w/ Sulis Map Overlay + "Relevant" POIs:

Satellite Map w/ All POIs:

Satellite Map w/ Sulis Map Overlay + "Relevant" POIs:

Satellite Map w/ Sulis Arrows + "Relevant" POIs:

Satellite Map w/ 300M Scale:

Practice Range Items of Interest:


At Halvoy, the supply point balloons will have alpha-numeric digits on them:





7H (this balloon's location changed since the 23 May 2019 update to make room for one of the watchtowers; the alpha-numeric # changed from 12F)





30K (appears twice)














BFV Keys Compilation


Two interactable keys can be found in BFV. It is not yet known what the keys are for, or that they have any function besides being able to pick them up. Note that you can repeatedly pick up these keys each time you load into the map, but only once per map load (i.e. they do not respawn). In other words, after the keys are picked up for the first time, there is no way to pick up the keys again unless you restart that map.


+ The first key can be found on the single player campaign, Nordlys in Act 3, "Wolf and Dog". As you near the village objective, you will see a red house with an alarm and three enemies. Enter the red house and reach the attic. You will see a key on the window sill.


+ The second key can be found on the Combined Arms mission "High Intelligence". When you reach the village, go to the furthest house closest to the extraction area, right by the field gun. Once there, directly across the door you will find a key on the window sill.


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Re: Some BFV Easter Eggs Compilation

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Keep up the great work mate

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Nice EAster Eggs update thanks for sharing @ISterlingArcher .

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More BFV Easter eggs properly reported HERE.

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Amazing well done!

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Amazing post you put together. Easter Eggs aren't really "EE" if we comment on them, but we'll toss this up at the top of the page for a bit because of how interesting it is. Thumbs up


See you all on the battlefield. 


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Telephones added to the first post.


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I do game design - from itty bitty bugs to big ideas.
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Thanks information.

This is a very interesting article.
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Nice work! What if there is an enigma based easter egg since you see the enigma machine in the background of the assignment selection area. Giving us a clue maybe? BF1 had Morse code and imagine if BF5 had enigma how ridiculous would that be haha.
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Re: Some BFV Easter Eggs Compilation

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Cool interesting post, i've never been one for ee but i'll pay more attention infuture

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