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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

by daemontonio

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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

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This combination is fun.  Seeing massive numbers across the screen is awesome.


Downside is lower GM3 survivability, especially when a couple of frost brutes are in your face.

But as MAGA said, not really for a main build.


Some of this can be mitigated with good armour, Softened Blows, Ablative Sheilding, Emergency Power,  Rejuvenating Ammo, Symbiotic Surge. Using some of these will help a lot.


Demolition Tribute, Catalytic Overdrive & Shock Treatment are musts!



It's a lot of fun in the Fury room of HoR,  especially during 2nd wave.

The nice thing now is before a boss fight you can swap out Solvent for Best Defense.


Still, Solvent still pairs best with Voltaic Dome and Detonator melee imo.



PS: my combos with Solvent & Venom hit for 298,000 & 347,000 with berzerkers cry.  Would love to see what it would be with Targetting Beacon added.   >:}


But I can't touch MAGAs ultimate's insane...


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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

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Solvent Green is just not needed for most of the builds because bonus from Catalytic Overdrive (50%) and Shock Treatment (80%) is enough. Often you have Symbiotic surge (another 50%) and some item with additional combo damage (30%) and 30% from sigil if you use them. So adding Solvent Green adds 200% on top of usual bonus of 240% (for example, 270k combo instead of 170k). So it's not so important as it was before when it added 400% to combo damage.


Best Defense is not important too. It just easy to use skill which triggers aoe combo (with healing) with very nice damage. If Colosus had some other good assault gear then I think I would not use best defense because it does very little in my build. But emergency healing is better than nothing.

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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

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Truth be told, you need best defense when you're in the heat of s GM3 frost fest with enemies because it's rough.


A damage build such as MAGA_GREEN  is strictly a luxury with the Colossus because mobility is sub par.  But it's a fun build that adds to the joy of Scouting out solutions.


Have fun annihilators!

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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

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★★★ Guide

@mcsupersport  Since this is an Anthem forum you could add to your signature that you have to buy shards too, in addition to pay for your games. Large smile

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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached



LOL, well, when it comes to buying extra "shards" "silver" "insert random item used to take money from game players..." I simply .....don't.  Call me a cheapskate, or whatever, but when I pay 50+ dollars for a game, I usually don't buy single items for several dollars.  If I am playing a free to play game, then I may kick in some, or if in this case Anthem continues to be good, and gives enough new stuff that I feel they have exceeded previous value, then I may buy some, but otherwise, nope, not buying more after paying for the Deluxe version.


I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

★★★ Guide




We have seen Anthem sell for about $20.00 lately.





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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

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QQ图片20190916221016.jpghell yea

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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

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Yeah its good.


Colossus utilise everything solo on GM3.


I run this:
BASE: Solvent green + Venom storm (8 rounds in volley)+Flame melee+berserker of khorne as support

1)Ctalytic Overdrive to boost combo

2)Shock treatment - let enemies hit you and you gave free 80% damage output

3)Demolition tribute - smash face in melee and heal. Simple - hit em hard to cause ground burn, switch to shield and detonate fire combo with melee hit. YOU DONT NEED "BEST DEFENSE" trust me.

4)Softened Blows
5)Symbiotic Surge
6)Emergency Power.


The nest you need to be successful - stack as much armor as you can. Stack combo damage if possible. I Have nerly 400% armor, some shields, stacked some combo so i get usually 177-300k damage. Jump a bit to burn spawn, use berserker scream, detoanate flame combos with acid combos right after them with Venom Storm. Shoot or go to melee to kill th rest. 

As weapon i use grave digger with 250%. Jarra is like braindead Reeegar Carabine. In me3 and Andro beam  and elecric weapons were pretty balanced. i hope BW will buff old Anthem guns to make it shine.


PS dont forget - Venom Storm is combined primer and detonator. First hit prime - next one detonate. So dont hit a single point of ground - manulally switch direction wehere next round goes.

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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

★ Guide



Virtually identical to my build.  Only I run Rejuvenating Ammo as it has +30% damage, my Softened blows are +melee / weapon damage.  Besides, always nice to have extra heals.

My build is the same with Best Defense or Solvent.


I do have a couple of questions as you don't feel the need for Best Defense.


Do you use shield breaks as a way to deal with Frost Brutes?  I'm always getting chain frozen, BD is a lifesaver.


What about Vara?  I find Venom Storm of limited use, but again, BD heals are awesome


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Re: Solvent Green + Venom Storm = Armageddon: Screenshot Attached

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Duno i have no problems with brutes. Usually i attack them first and they die from acid combo and melee smash. venom Storm usually erase them from 2-3 hits + acid combo/ Acid is total counter vs Armor yellow bar.


If they freeze me i always survive, because of damage reduction of softened blows (Increases damage resistance by 75% for 5 seconds when shields run out) and then i prime them by fire with melee hit and detonate it imediately with shield smash. Hit enemy with shield (not run through them) activates combo. Theese brutes nearly dead after that and i kill them with another melee jump. Because i killed them in melee i get healed from Demolishion tribute. Also sometimes i ram brutes with shield to finish them.

If thigns go rly nasty i raise shield and jump backwards to get better position and rain them with acid shells.


About best defence. I have 1 legendary with single charge. Wait 14 seconds cooldown (mb less a bit cose inscriptions) is way too long. You can heal from melee carnage and some repair kit drops faster. Just need to be tanky with armor % stacked or it wont work.

Also i have best defence mastercrafted with additional charge - it helps more if use. But 200% bonus combo bonus from Solvent is tasty.


Vara on MG3 hard times yeah. But i rely on my team if we play in group of 4. Lot of repair kits drop from vara if you damage her. Plus after first "saving" ulty you can launch another one because of Emergency Power. Well for me Vara is just a bit stonger boss than creep from Flooded Lab. Just have to be on cation with vara's BURN or freez+ray.


Mb i would make a vid later.





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