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Solution to cheaters on PC is dilution!

by Ninexp9

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Solution to cheaters on PC is dilution!

★★ Apprentice

Hurry up with cross platform so PC users have a fresh pool of none cheaters from Xbox and PS4. Spreading the PC cheaters between all platforms will help.  Cross play will help by simple dilution.  Share the love y’all!  Don’t worry if your on Xbox or PS4 right now.  Once you share the PC cheaters you will have one solid day of fair play right after a ban wave.  But hide the second day after because the level 1-20s somehow get really  good and you won’t win another game until the next ban wave.  On day three you won’t be able to play anyway because the hackers will retaliate with a DDoS attack on AE.  Good times!  I can’t wait for cross platform so we PC users have a fresh pool of none cheaters to play with!  


And Darko I know how to report people thanks for copy pasting it all over.  Apparently there is a report button if you all didn’t know.  

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