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Re: Solomode is fun and was needed, but...

by TheImmortalEnt

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Solomode is fun and was needed, but...

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Solo mode is realy good and should have been there from start....

but with this huge amount of "obvious" cheating which still exists (or even become worse again) i finally come to the conclusion that it´s over, i´m done...

this game doesn´t deserve another chance after the many i gave them and i will finally deinstall it, even i have put some cash in its early days into it.

i mark that money as "wasted", just like i did with anthem..... cya EA, wont ever come back again (and i feel sorry for RESPAWN), you destroyed too much with your pressure on all devs from all those games... BF and DragonAge got destroyed too by it. 

Maybe Respawn should consider to find another publisher with more experience in fighting cheaters and with better contracts.

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Re: Solomode is fun and was needed, but...

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@MjNaiseI feel the same. Instead of fixing the most important aspects of the game such as anti-cheat code and netcode, they release new skins and other add-ons to the game but fail to fix the most important parts.
Also it's a catch 2020 because they also need money to be able to live, so sustaining a free game requires people to spend money in it.

Also when  you have streamers who blatantly hack on stream and are allowed to get away with it, then it makes sense that  a lot of things in this world are messed up and controlled by money. 
Bottom line is always about money

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