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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

by ThisGamesScuffed

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just want to let yall know theres soft hackers EVERYWHERE still. they call it soft hacking because their accuracy wont be 100% so its not detected but on our end we know it and can spectate it. Theyre in EVERY GAME LITERALLY. youre losing your fan base, I already know ppl who stopped playing because of this and I will too if nothings done by season 2. you have the best BR and its crawling with hackers which is ruining your game. ps fix octanes jumpad so it doesn't slam me back on the ground as soon as I use it...

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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

Community Manager

Hey all, please do not share links to any cheats you may see as doing so is technically a breach of the AHQ User Rules and Guidelines.


From here on out, any sharing of videos or naming of users and accusing them of cheating or linking to cheating sites will result in bans.


If you are in game and suspect a user of cheating then please report them by following the steps in this link:


We take all reports very seriously and will fully investigate.



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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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means u need to get better Standard smile
stop complaining on a weekly base about hackers, do u understand what u are playing a FPS GAME! they are never hack free take it or play something else

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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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youre an idiot and probably cheat yourself or you wouldn't have said that. idc what game it is other games aren't this bad. pubg got their sht in check fortnites good. they need to get a 3rd party anti cheat and stop being lazy. I play plenty of fps games and don't have this issue. sure theres cheaters but not on this lvl. youre probably trash at the game and arnt competitive so you don't care how you die, i on the other hand and plenty of others do

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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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Sounds like you think everyone with better aim than you is hacking.


Many shooter players have been playing shooters since Halo, and some even since Wolfenstein.


You should watch some streamers sometimes, having 10+ years of experience under the belt means players can become pretty damn good.

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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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Even EA admits to the rampant cheating.  Looks like the cheaters stick together to defend their cheating ways.

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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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It is cute when people don't understand the topic.  

Hack programs have been adjustable for a LONG time now.  Only an idiot doesn't tone the bot down from 100% accuracy to at least mimic a high level player or just better.  I bet most players use ESP since knowing a players location is often enough to win to get the jump on them or time them coming out of cover.  There are to many questionable things seen in any given game and put that on top of performance issues and you got a mess.

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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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they can adjust the accuracy through their software. I see a dude using one yesterday as I was walking by a net cafe. 20min later, his hands were broken and being sent to the hospital!! High fiveThumbs up




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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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True. For average player ESP is more then enough. And it's pretty much impossible to prove that someone (with experience) runs around with wallhack.

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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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ESP works only if player is good have aim and movment most of hackers mowe like bots and without aim bot shoot like potatos even with the best wallhacks in the game tey would not kill good player since time to kill is high on this game 

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Re: Soft Hackers EVERYWHERE

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Slightly of topic but It did make me laugh when I read your name, and then your post. Love A little bit of irony. Back to your post, I'm guessing you're taking about pc ? As I play ps4 and can't say I've ever seen a cheater. As for octanes jump pad I haven't had any problems with it when he's on my team but I personally don't play him very much either.

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