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So what are mission challenges?

by SatheA

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So what are mission challenges?

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I made a new Colossus with basic gear and only equipped enough legendaries to meet the uncommon/rare/epic and masterwork requirements and did mission quickplays to complete the gear challenges. So far so good, but "complete mission challenges" is still open, what is that? I visited the 4 tombs again… nothing. Don't tell me i have to do every single story mission in "legendary missions" again. Not happening.

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Re: So what are mission challenges?

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Just finished the Legendary Freelancer challenge. What I had to do was start a new javelin and beat the main campaign again, I got the 'Complete Mission Challenges' ticked off after finishing 'Return to the Heart of Rage' mission. I did not have to complete all the side quests again, just the primary missions.

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Re: So what are mission challenges?

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I've also heard players ticking this off by getting into the final mission via Quickplay, so maybe that's an option if you don't want to beat the campaign again
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Re: So what are mission challenges?

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I always assumed it was the Challenge of Valor, Might etc. that you had to finish, since it made sense that you had to go above and beyond like some of the other challenges in the list.

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