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Re: So, the recording victory loops...

by MOJayhawker

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So, the recording victory loops...

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What gives?  I am getting tired of having to go back into the worthless forge system to figure out what the * i got.  it's 2x as bad for trying to figure out what elysian drops you got, because there isn't a real check list.

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Re: So, the recording victory loops...

★★★ Apprentice

I played the entire daily path to glory yesterday afternoon and only got to see my XP 2x. Kept getting the "recording victory" over and over. I have no idea what I got in Elysian chests because I never could see them. At least I can see the loot when I press B to skip the loop.

Saw a lot of instability yesterday all day too. Had to restart the game a couple of times to fight graphics issues also.

It's getting hard to play and stay interested.

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