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So my feedback thus far..

by BadPanda_ltd

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So my feedback thus far..

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I was so hyped for this patch, super excited.. A chance for BW to redeem themselves..  A few hours in.. and for me, I think they've poured more fuel on the trash fire that the game currently is. Still getting connection errors ( sure its on my end obviously ) Still getting the lvl 1 problem, or it displaying the wrong Javelin. All this hype about better loot from GM2 to GM3, Yay.. Despite it supposedly being a bug they're aware of regards the everyone can pick up my loot. Still having the issues we had pre-patch, plus throw in some more. 298Hrs into this game and I think I've given it a fair chance, I do.. But holy hell..


I'm annoyed that things have gotten to this point. I really wanted to give this game all it deserved, But I don't think I can anymore.. I mean just go and read about this latest patch on Reddit.


Well played Bioware..

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Re: So my feedback thus far..

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I log in with excitement because i really do love this game's concept just to be kicked out of 3 of the first 4 missions i enter, just trying to do the daily ya know. Then the forge is broken, while im in forge it kicks me over tp map for some reason  lol. This is what ive found so far and its only been 30 minutes  :O


Edit: Make that the first 5 out of 7 missions with 2 pilot error things thrown in there  lol. As soon as im done getting the daily things done ill head out, give them a chance to fix this ... again

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Re: So my feedback thus far..

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I've been playing for the last 2 hours and can't complete anything I try.  It crashes immediately.  I can't even play now.  Thanks Bioware.

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Re: So my feedback thus far..

Are you guys all on PC?

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Re: So my feedback thus far..

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On PC here, Been around since first weekend.. Getting intermittent issues while in forge.. Connection messages. Wrongly displayed Javelins, and so on. I've had to completely made new Javs to see if the issue lays there. Testing a new Colossus build, Trying a different approach.

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Re: So my feedback thus far..

The reason I ask, is because I'm on PS4, and I seem to be getting a lot less drama than people on PC.

I've been enjoying the game and I barely ever crash out, or see any of those bugs you guys are complaining about.

Better got buy a PS4 :P

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Re: So my feedback thus far..

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Loot drop rate is just SHOCKING now...!
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Re: So my feedback thus far..

Yeah, I'm kinda feeling that too.

I did a lot of runs last night, GM1 and GM2.

I did the legendary contract on GM2 at first, then another 5 runs on GM1.

I did 3 strongholds, 1 on GM2, and 2 on GM1.

Some random missions on GM1 and a fair bit of freeplay on GM1.


Not a single Legendary!


I got a bunch of MW (no more than usual, and I was running with various amounts of luck between 25% and 50%. to do some testing)

Still getting blue stuff a fair bit, which is rather pointless at GM1/GM2.


I have to agree.  Something isn't quite right with loot, and I feel like I'm getting less MW thanks to getting more crafting materials.

I bet they'll do a quick patch on this soon, I don't think it's working as intended right now.


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Re: So my feedback thus far..

I think there's already been a hotfix on some items.


Mostly following BioWare and Star Wars games. Old timer. Helping out here does not mean I work for EA so I don't have all the answers. Also hangs out on BSN. 
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Re: So my feedback thus far..

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Ran into more problems, roughly played for about 2hrs before logging out. I decided to try out a new Interceptor build, just messing about really. Jumped into GM2 Freeplay. Basically ran around doing this and that, tried different things on various scar and dominion, Noticed some random mob dropped a MW, farmed some embers and alloys, exited the Expedition only to get stuck for about 5mins or so. Had to alt tab and close it that way. Then when I jumped back into the game noticed the News page/screen was still blank.


Of note, I've decided to avoid Strongholds, and it seems people are still bailing out.. not completing the whole stronghold..



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