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So many toxic players(((

by qbc07

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Re: So many toxic players(((

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@E9ine_ACDo you realize if EA contacted law enforcement for every report of someone typing that word the police department would have to open up a new division to handle 100,000 reports per day or some absurd number.

The word is used more now than ever as a general insult. It's not a hate crime, racist...sure. But to call it a hate crime, that's pushing it way too far. It's more like a pathetic skin suit who's parents failed them, and society. And this is how they display the lack of empathy and social skills.

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Re: So many toxic players(((

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@Maxray_Blank You have a really wack way of thinking about this man. It is not our job to coddle toxic players. If toxic people don't learn, that's their problem but we shouldn't stop trying to teach them a lesson. Reporting them and walking away is just the right thing to do. Slurs are not ok, it doesn't matter if it's online or in real life. Who are you siding with here?

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Re: So many toxic players(((

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@Pure_Funk_Nugget The police here in the uk would rather do that than be out doing actual police work. (I'm not saying that prosecuting people for online racism isn't worth doing, I'm just saying that the police in this country are absolutely useless)

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