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So many Aim botters...

by unferth

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Re: So many Aim botters...

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@neillkorey wrote:

We need some official word of how many people are crying cheater because they get killed by a better player

the fact of the matters there are hackers . 1 hacker or 20,000 hackers is not the point. the point is that it is possible to have hackers in the game that can aimbot , wall hack etc.. 

some players can be really amazing at aiming but with hackers you will always question if this was a kill move or a hack move. if hackers are in game then whats the point even playing this game when you will have at least 1 hacker per game ruin your chances to win . 

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Re: So many Aim botters...

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"If you suspect that someone is cheating - make a ticket with a proof, send it instead of making irrelevant topics."

It's not my job to catch cheaters - hell I am coming back home from long shifts in the kitchen and want to relax in fps shooter... I meet the cheater and what can I do?
Keep recording each and every match I am playing cuz it's possible I'll run into one, then I have to manually navigate to the forums and find out how to report it to Easy Anticheat since reporting it to customer support is a no way to go and won't be processed or sth...

Yeah, no. Thank you, I'll rather stop playing this piece of software if I have to volountarly do the job the company providing the product should be doing in the first place. Just sticking "Easy Anticheat" label in the code is not enough. Going out of my way to just report is no good.

With free-to-play model the Dev's have to go balls deep and invest in more intrusive anti-cheat - sure there will be those falsely blocked/banned due to having Cheat Engine or sth on their rig. But it's enough that 1 person per match is cheating and it ruins the game for 59 other people...


Reporting cheaters is way too convoluted - have to be looked into.

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