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So, how long does it take to be in full MW?

by ikilledabug

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So, how long does it take to be in full MW?

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I maybe miscalculated, so any corrections are welcome:


I have a build in mind. I think it's a pretty common thing to do - I want to play a javelin with a given skillset and components.


This means that I will need 2 skills from 10 possibilites and 6 components from 24 (yeah, thank you BW for inflating the component pool, I always wanted to have +5% to my shininess in an universal component, great job!).


With 95% confidence interval:


getting my two skills from 10 possibilities would need running 35 tyrant mines.

getting my six components from 24 (going the easy way now, some javelins have 25) would need running 113 legendary contracts (nearly 37 days worth).


You really think this game is such a masterpiece that keeps me before the screen for this much? Let me answer to you, no, it isn't. It doesn't have enough content for that. This kind of grind is acceptable in MMOs where you can run 30 kinds of raids and quests, not 1.

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