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Re: Smooth as butter VSYNC - Nvidia Card

by m4derr

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Smooth as butter VSYNC - Nvidia Card

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Hey guys, as you may know, it's quite hard to get a smooth experience on Anthem, especially if you don't have a Gsync Monitor or a 2000€ computer.

After messing up hours in Anthem Graphic settings and in Nvidia control panel, here is the way to get a smooth experience with VSYN ON : 99.9% of the time 60FPS.

First of all, my detailed spec :

Asus X470 Pro
R5 2600 @3.9 Ghz
DDR4 3200Mhz Gskillz
RTX 2060 FE
Samsung SSD Evo 860 2T
Corsair 550W Gold

In Nvidia control panel :

- Texture Filtering High performances
- Power management High performances
- Threaded Optimization ON
- Vsync OFF
- Prerendered virtual frames 2

- Maximum prerendered frames 2

- Triple buffering OFF

In game display settings :



- Peripheral (light ?) Light OFF



In game graphical settings : Everything OFF


In game Advanced graphical settings :




- High

- High

- Low

- High

- Medium

- Low

- Low

- Ultra


With those settings, the game is really smooth, you have no FPS Drop and it is still really beautiful and this even in freeplay with everything exploding around.

For those having higher or lower specs, you can try to change some settings to see how it goes for you.

Hope it will help.




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Re: Smooth as butter VSYNC - Nvidia Card

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You were lucky. This didn't work for me. A lot of stutters and jerky movements. Do you know how does your AA setting in NVIDIA control panel interact with the AA setting in game? Here is my not-smooth FPS:



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Re: Smooth as butter VSYNC - Nvidia Card

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Hey mate, what's your CPU ?

Mine is a r5 2600, used around 60% while playing anthem.

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